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Director Mikhail Red reveals an interesting trivia about Arisaka. 
Mikhail Red does not know the meaning of slowing down. Amid the pandemic, the critically acclaimed director has been juggling production work and directing like any normal workday. “I am continuing development with projects like Eerie Zero with Star, The Grandstand with Ricky ...
The wunderkind director is woke to the strange rules of the new order, smuggling subtext in different genres and exploring all available platforms. Most of all, Red knows that, in this post-pandemic world, we don’t have infinite time.
Mikhail Red was 21 when he made his first feature film, Rekorder. It was about a drifter who pirated movies, a film that was enamored with the behavioral effects of the overconsumption of technology and violence. The movie was screened at the Cinemalaya Film Festival ...
The filmmaker will answer your wildest questions.
In the past month, corporations, organizations, and individuals have mobilized themselves and resources to support and feed frontliners and vulnerable sectors amid the COVID-19 crisis. But a group of people who also needs help during the crisis is often overlooked: film workers.Mikhail ...
It's the same agency that represents the directors of Aquaman, Shazam, and The Conjuring.
The stars are well aligned for Filipino director Mikhail Red.Red’s management company 3Arts Entertainment has announced the millennial filmmaker was picked up by Paradigm Talent Agency. Back in November, it was revealed he had gone to Hollywood to talk with major U.S. Studios ...
Engkantos are at war in the Philippines in this HBO Originals miniseries
HBO Asia announced today the renewal of the network’s dark action fantasy series, Halfworlds, with the filming for the eight-part third season commencing in the Philippines in January and set to premiere exclusively on HBO GO and HBO in 2020.Internationally acclaimed filmaker ...
The internationally acclaimed Filipino filmmaker is now closer to becoming a Hollywood director.
At 27 years old, Mikhail Red has done the seemingly impossible: Create a feature-length film at the age of 15, become the youngest director to participate in Cinemalaya at 21, and be one of the most sought-after directors in the world. Mikhail ...
Dead Kids premieres on Netflix on December 1.
Netflix just dropped the trailer of Dead Kids, the first Filipino film picked up by Netflix Originals. Dead Kids is directed by award-winning director and Man at His Best honoree, Mikhail Red, who is known for his internationally acclaimed films Birdshot and Eerie, both ...
It’s another milestone for the director of Birdshot.
Two years ago, Mikhail Red’s film Birdshot became the first Filipino film picked up by Netflix for worldwide streaming. Now, another Red film, Dead Kids makes history as the first licensed Netflix Original movie from the Philippines.“It has always been my dream ...
The wunderkind Filipino film director started making films when he was 15.
When Mikhail Red launched the trailer for his new film, Block Z, he convinced his studio to hold the event at ToyCon in SMX instead of airing it on the network's noontime variety show. "This is where my people are at," he tells ...
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