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The wunderkind Filipino film director started making films when he was 15.
When Mikhail Red launched the trailer for his new film, Block Z, he convinced his studio to hold the event at ToyCon in SMX instead of airing it on the network's noontime variety show. "This is where my people are at," he tells ...
Director Mikhail Red exploits our fear and lets it work itself into the movie.
Eerie is a refreshing take on Philippine horror flicks because it does away with the usual elements we've seen in Filipino horror movies—cursed items, cursed places, superstitions—it bears none of these clichés. Instead, it builds on something many of us have been ...
Mikhail Red has yet another exciting project.
Those who grew up in the '90s would remember the mystical world that Magic Temple introduced. In the film, three boys with special powers battle against the evil forces that exist in the fantasy world of Samadhi, and they get help from magical creatures that ...
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