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Here’s how the British peacefully handed them over to the Philippines.
Everybody knows the story of how the British peacefully relinquished administration of Hong Kong and Macau back to China in the 1990s, but not many know a similar handover involving islands it controlled here in the Philippines.ALSO READ: HISTORYWho Is Bill Shaw, ...
The keepers of the mountains and forests are asking the spirits to protect the country.
While many rely on science to understand catastrophes such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the indigenous peoples of Mindanao (IP) look to the wisdom of ancient traditions to make sense of things around them. “Disasters happened because human beings violated the law of nature,” says Easter ...
Bridging the gap between what seems like ‘exotic’ Mindanao starts with understanding the culture of its people and realizing that they are as integral as us.
Few pre-colonial cultures are as diverse as that of Mindanao, which combined influences from the Visayans, the Muslims, and the nearby Indian and Majapahit empires. Most important, it stood in stark contrast against the prevailing idea that Philippine society and culture simply ...
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