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It was unlikely to happen again.
Miss Universe Philippines candidate Gazini Ganados was most likely holding her breath as Steve Harvey announced the names of those who have made it to the pageant’s top 10. She carried the weight and pressure of having to follow in outgoing Miss ...
Miss South Africa carried jewels worth $5 million or P254 million on her head.
Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi, has officially been declared as Miss Universe 2019. She bested 90 contestants for the coveted title, including our own Miss Philippines, Gazini Ganados, who made it as far as the Top 20.Aside from the responsibility of representing not ...
Miss Spain owes a debt of gratitude to former Miss Canada contender Jenna Talackova.
For many people, this year's Miss Universe pageant was memorable, and not just for Catriona Gray's amazing walk and subsequent win. The pageant organizers knew it too, giving Miss Spain, Angela Ponce, her own video tribute to commemorate her breakthrough moment as ...
Miss Philippines Catriona Elisa Gray brings the crown back home.
Miss Philippines Catriona Elisa Gray is Miss Universe 2018.Gray was crowned in the prestigious pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand on December 17, Monday (Philippine time). She bested 93 other contestants from all over the world, and is the Philippines' fourth bet to ...
Winning titles on the global stage does not only require a beautiful face, well-proportioned physique, and a sharp mind but also a heart for issues and concerns.
Winning titles on the global stage does not only require a beautiful face, well-proportioned physique, and a sharp mind but also a heart for issues and concerns. For instance, the previous Miss Universe titlist Iris Mittinaere supports the worldwide campaign of Smile Train to ...
Confidently Contrasting: Miss Universe and the Philippines
It may have all begun in 1969 when Gloria Diaz clinched the Philippines’s first Miss Universe title with her luminous answer to the question: If a man from the Moon landed in your hometown, what would you do to entertain him? The ...
Aussi: Félicitations, Miss France!
Terrorist attack on Quebec mosque shocks Canada.During Sunday evening prayers, masked gunmen entered a Quebec City mosque and opened fire on worshippers, killing at least six. Two suspects were arrested, and the area surrounding the mosque was sealed off, but further details on ...
We are confidently beautiful, too.
A true Esquire man possesses both good looks and brains. He has carefully considered opinions on a wide range of important subjects and gives thoughtful answers when asked. The problem is, nobody’s asked us what we think. So we’ve remedied that by ...
Hire an interpreter, then answer in English anyway.
History will remember last year’s Miss Universe as the time the host awarded the wrong winner, but Steve Harvey will probably recall it as the time he was buried in a deluge of death threats—enough to destroy a career. Fortunately for him ...
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