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Hint: It involves many zeroes and commas.
The 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) has ended, and the organizers have announced on their Facebook page that the total gross earnings of the festival's eight films have exceeded Php1 billion.“We are happy to announce that despite the rains and all the ...
The director-producer walks us through this MMFF entryâs two-year history.
A talented female athlete who must overcome the odds for her family. A 20-year relationship on the verge of falling apart. The complicated and intersecting lives of OFWs in Israel. A search for the missing body of Andres Bonifacio. A kidnapped boy ...
Following the removal of pro-indie film committee members, director Eduardo Dayao asks what's next for the festival.
Vice Ganda doesn’t need the MMFF. If we’re to believe the numbers, that is. Shut out from last year’s MMFF, after years of being a lock, the last Vice Ganda vehicle, Super Parental Guardians, looked to be the crash and burn of ...
Father of Philippine Digital Filmmaking Khavn De La Cruz offers his two cents on the Oro situation and how it reveals an issue much deeper than a dog being killed on-screen.
This so-called revolution does not have balls. It takes credit for everything that goes right then washes its hands of anything that seems to go wrong. But what did go wrong? That a dog was slaughtered and eaten in a film for ...
Films aren't for everyone, and the best ones definitely aren't.
The first documentary to get selected in the MMFF and the first documentary to win Best Picture, Babyruth Villarama’s earnest, lovely Sunday Beauty Queen was quite the game-changer in what has turned out to be a game-changing first year for the New ...
This year's Best Picture represents more than just escapism for overseas Filipino workers.
The eight movies of MMFF 2016 are a beautiful, motley lot—just like the audience that came to watch, shored up from the off-center demographics that many outside and inside the industry have predicted. As of this writing, the awards have been given ...
A reaction to anyone who concludes that this year's MMFF was a big bust.
After years of Shake, Rattle, and Roll installments and permutations of Vic Sotto and Ai Ai Delas Alas playing the same characters over and over again, the Metro Manila Development Authority, this 2016, decided to reformat the traditional Metro Manila Film Festival by ...
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