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Kulitan, or Súlat Kapampángan, is the indigenous Kapampangan script that has survived since the 1300s.
Learn Kulitan is a mobile application developed by proud Kapampangan and University of the Philippines Los Banos graduate Keith Liam Manaloto. According to Manaloto, he developed the app for the purpose of raising awareness about and accessibility to the ancient Kapampangan writing ...
The new augmented reality mobile game is from the makers of Pokemon Go.
There was this magical moment three years ago when everyone and their grandmas were looking down at their smartphones, spinning their fingers wildly on their screens, and hoping that they had caught the nearest Pokemon. Like it or not, Pokemon Go was a ...
It uses augmented reality to let you see if you’re buying the right shoes.
Ever purchased a pair of kicks online, only to return them—or worse, not use them at all—because they don’t fit you the way you'd imagined they would? Well, now you can avoid experiencing that again.Wannaby, a Belarus-based tech company founded in 2017, ...
From laundry to groceries to massages, these apps have you covered.
Ever wish you had your own personal assistant? Or a doctor who did house calls? How about a laundryman, grocer, or masseuse at your beck and call?Turns out, there are apps out there that can help you do those things. Think of ...
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