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A review of Samsung’s flagship foldable phone.
Samsung launched its flagship foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold2, last September, and tech watchers have been frothing at the mouth since. Sleek, bold, and luxurious, the phone has been getting rave reviews from all over, from tech experts and people who ...
Data suggest a significant price drop soon, so maybe you should wait a while.
Samsung made a big splash when it unveiled its newest slate of flagship mobile phones earlier this February. With three variants, a camera that can take up to 108-megapixel images, a “space zoom,” 8k video recording, and a host of other new features, ...
This triple camera in the iPhone 11 Pro came to play.
Tim Cook took the Steve Jobs stage in Cupertino, California on Tuesday morning to announce the Next Big Thing from Apple: a new iPhone model called the iPhone 11—which is not an extension of the two-year-running iPhone X series, but is a successor to the ...
New owners launch two new BB models.
There was a time when the Philippines was BlackBerry country. But eventually the brand stagnated and other, more exciting mobile phone brands soon captured a sizable share of the market. Today, the new owners of what was once a powerful and ubiquitous ...
According to industry insiders, the new smartphone is getting a camera upgrade.
Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 line leads the way in many aspects, but it isn’t without its issues.Pixel users will be quick to point out that, while Samsung’s new smartphone boasts a very impressive camera, its night shots pale in comparison to those ...
Make the most of your Apple device with these exclusive apps.
More and more phone apps are being made available on both iOS and Android systems. But that doesn't mean Apple's ubiquitous mobile operating system is running out of exclusives.While some Apple iOS apps do migrate to Android, these highly-rated ones have remained ...
Your iPhone addiction will be a thing of the past, thanks to your, erm, iPhone
Apple revealed the features of its latest software update, iOS 12.The focus? Getting us to spend less time on our phones, not more–for the sake of our own wellbeing.Here are the main takeaways explained, before the changes are rolled out soon.Observe how much time ...
We spend our lives eye-hopping between screens. We scroll on our phones while we're watching Netflix, we glance at our e-mail when we're not doing either of those two. Be it social media addiction or just bread and butter boredom, we can’t get enough of ...
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