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The Netflix adaptation is almost perfect in its translation from page to screen.
In 1989, Neil Gaiman took scraps from the pages of various DC Comics titles and constructed mythology that captivated readers all over the world, introducing us to a family called the Endless, anthropomorphized personifications of concepts that make up all there is. ...
The simplicity of The Gray Man is part of its charm.
Captain America with a pornstache is about all you need to know about The Gray Man, Netflix’s newest action thriller based on the book series by Mark Greaney. Well, that and shirtless Ryan Gosling, who got swole for the role, and plays ...
The monster mash feels just as exciting and distinctive now as it did almost two decades ago, when I was but a frumpy little boy, confused and aroused by leathery corsets, hairless werewolf chests, and Dracula’s three terrifyingly randy wives.
Ebert got it. In his three star review of the mostly-reviled 2004 Stephen Sommers film, Van Helsing, the late critic wrote, “At the outset, we may fear Sommers is simply going for f/x overkill, but by the end, he has somehow succeeded in assembling all ...
Two whole hours of warfare at Helm's Deep? Sign us up.
If you’re one of the 43 million viewers of the Helm’s Deep battle scene on YouTube, then get ready for an entire full-length film of another epic battle in the stone gorge. The Battle of the Hornburg was the best part of The ...
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