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The line of succession has become more confusing lately.
Today, monarchies are trying to cut down their number of full-time royals, but it’s a different story in the Middle East.Since the establishment of the modern kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud began a tradition that passed on the title ...
It was an instant hit with the public, but the royal family hated it.
Imagine having access to a program much like Big Brother, but with the British royal family as the television show’s guinea pigs. Very few staunch royalists know of the existence of such a program—a documentary that aired only once in 1969. Royal Family ...
Who were “Murgatroyd” and “Winterbottom"?
Queen Elizabeth and the British monarchy faced a number of hurdles in the late '50s. She had only been on the throne for less than a decade when the U.K. found itself in the throes of an economic crisis. The country was ...
Royal families continue to thrive and this may not be such a bad thing.
In this digital age when technology reigns supreme, and the majority of the world’s nations call for democracy, does a concept as archaic as a monarchy—even a constitutional monarchy at that—remain relevant to the times?The idea that a single bloodline can hold so ...
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