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Mabini dedicated his La Revolucion Filipina to the most important woman in his life.
Apolinario Mabini wasn’t called the Brains of the Revolution for nothing. Despite losing the function of both his legs to polio, he proved himself invaluable to the revolution and the eventual establishment of the First Philippine Republic. Mabini was also an educator, lawyer ...
They're still delivering despite the quarantine.
Most of life may have stopped, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate the little things, like Mother's Day. These flower shops are here to brighten up long, drawn-out quarantine days.Also read:What to Feed Your Mom This Mother's DayMargarita Forés' flower company may ...
In celebration of Mother's Day, the Truly Rich Lady answers all concerns related to our readers' relationships with mummy.
Dear Truly Rich Lady,Are flowers still a good idea for Mother’s Day? Or are they passé? If they are okay, suggestions, please.Florally YoursDear FY,Flowers, like diamonds, will forever be fashionable as gifts for mothers, wives, girlfriends, and daughters. But since they are ...
These songs are the best gift of all, from Prince to Drake.
All moms want to relate to their kids. They want to understand the world in which their children occupy—what drives them, what influences them, what moves them. And if that something is music, the best you can do is create a playlist ...
Everything from extraordinary bouquets to potted flowering plants that make thoughtful presents for the special people in your life.
There are three significant Bs that have become synonymous with marking a special occasion: balloons, bubbly, and bouquets. The best flower shops in Manila can make beautiful floral arrangements depending on the event—bridal bouquets for weddings, potted plants for housewarming parties, or ...
Vamp up that Mother's Day greeting card.
No one can ever take a mother’s place. As much as we all know this, we sometimes struggle to put our adoration for mom into words. If you're not much of wordsmith, you can express your feelings through special mother's day quotes.Come ...
These gorgeous young women share their motherhood secrets.
Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers. Cheers to all of you Wonder Women who are being celebrated today.Here, we've asked some of Manila's young mothers what they've learned, how they bond with their kids, and their other secrets to motherhood.The New York native ...
They are proof that single parents can raise their children right.
The traditional family set-up is still strongly favored in the country, but sometimes, mothers have to do it alone. Parenthood should be a shared responsibility and yet, there are countless stories of struggles by women who have to take on the dual role of ...
It's possible to be both strong and gentle at the same time.
It may surprise you to know that times haven’t always been rosy for the Coos. There was once a horrible moment when, because of this unfair thing called the global economic downturn, the Truly Rich Fortune weakened.The suitcases of cash (millions!) casually ...
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