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Bullet Train is a one-way ticket to fun and there are no stops.
Brad Pitt is 58 years old. Conventional wisdom says he’s supposed to be too old to be busting heads and kicking ass, but we just had a 60-year-old Tom Cruise break box office records with Top Gun: Maverick, so here we are. ...
And you thought the movie was depressing? Wait till you hear about the true story it was based on.
In times of devastation, it’s common for anyone to turn towards entertainment as a means of escape. Fictional movies and books, specifically, are some of the most sought-after remedies to any sort of emotional turmoil. Though the fantasy lasts ony a couple ...
The five-episode miniseries was inspired by a 70’s Swedish show.
In a world where the entertainment industry seems to churn out more reboots and remakes than actual original content, viewers may tend to overlook anything that seems revived. How can anyone bring anything new to something that’s already been done? Is there ...
New creative voices, smaller films, and a strong desire to tell stories are keeping movie-making alive.  
Here is part two of our deep dive into the state of your favorite pastime, movies. In this installment, we discuss how studios and theaters can exist alongside streamers and what you can expect from movies in the pandemic reality. What are ...
It is common among the elderly but can strike at any age.
Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman's passing from colon cancer highlights how the disease can strike a wide range of people at any age.In the Philippines, cancer is the third leading cause of death. Colon cancer is the third most common among Filipino ...
The Twilight People is one of several remakes of The Island of Dr. Moreau
When discussing the international reputation of Filipino cinema, artists like Lino Brocka and Lav Diaz often take up most of the oxygen. However, Eddie Romero stands as one of the first Filipino filmmakers to take stock abroad. With a career spanning from the late ’40s to the 2000s, ...
The only way to deal with a breakup is with escapist fun.
Birds of Prey is the incorrigibly raucous, unapologetically insane, colorfully frenetic breakup party we all need. While I maintain that Jared Leto’s Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad is the only iteration of the clown prince of crime to actually care about Harley (he pushed her out ...
In 1963, Henry Ford II made a bid to purchase Ferrari but Enzo Ferrari rebuffed him. What ensued was a battle of ego and pride as Ford vowed to beat Ferrari at Le Mans.
Ford v Ferrari is an unfortunate title for a film. It is unsexy, uninteresting, and completely without appeal despite apparently having been formulated to attract a wider audience who might not know about Le Mans ‘66 (its title in the U.K. and ...
The answer actually surprised me.
The concept of turning human bodies into batteries seemed like total bullshit to me when I was a child seeing The Matrix for the first time. In the movie, Keanu Reave's Neo, a disgruntled cubicle drone, learns that his entire existence is a lie. ...
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