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Can the missteps of Malcolm & Marie be credited to a single person?
Malcolm & Marie, starring Zendaya and John David Washington, was released on Netflix last Friday to mixed reviews. Praise was given to Zendaya’s and Washington’s performances, but director Sam Levinson became the target of negative discourse, most notably on how issues of race and gender were handled ...
It debuts at the same time as the U.S.
The long saga of the Justice League movie will see its close as its refreshed version, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, premieres on March 18 on HBO Go in the Philippines. To recap, Snyder bowed out in the last stretch of Justice League’s production due to personal circumstances. Joss ...
Is it Thor, Captain America, or Pepper Potts? 
Supes? They’re just like you, weak human, who makes a secret trip to the refrigerator to get two slices of a pecan-covered carrot cake doused with thick milk syrup. Maybe you scarfed it down in under two minutes (a new personal record!) ...
Call it animation. Call it cartoons. Just don't count out this slate of incredible movies in one of film's coolest mediums.
The joyful legacy of Saturday-morning cartoons is alive and well in 2021. The technology of animation just keeps getting better and better, even if sometimes it can veer towards uncanny valley territory (looking at you, CATS). But more often than not, animated movies ...
The movie-watching experience has changed dramatically. Can Wonder Woman 1984 adapt to the times? 
I saw Wonder Woman 1984 in a screening theater in an office building right next to a mall I enjoyed going to; it had a foot massage parlor, my favorite izakaya, and a Nespresso kiosk on the ground floor. That was before the pandemic, ...
You might know someone.
Filipina actresses of a certain age, listen up. Disney is reportedly looking for someone to play a lola, or grandmother for a film shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the casting call, the actor has to be female, be 50 to 90 ...
Filipino stories and fables are being handed down via YouTube.
Folktales are part of our Filipino heritage, legends shared and passed down from generation to generation. However, in this age of technology, storytelling is quickly being replaced by videos on electronic gadgets.Tuldok Animation Studios was founded 15 years ago by idealistic college ...
Streaming services grew into behemoths as we all watched at home, but is their success good for creative content?
With everyone stuck at home and movie theaters closed, streamers have quickly become the primary source of home entertainment. While we inch ever closer to the end of the pandemic, the actions and movements of streamers in 2020 will have implications far ...
We haven't got long to wait for Scarlett Johansson's oft-delayed superhero epic.
If superheroes really existed, then 2020 might have been a good point to make themselves known. The year was just begging for a lycra-suited being with extra-special powers to swoop in and save us from a humanitarian disaster - Corona even sounds ...
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