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A sports film made by basketball fanboys for basketball fanboys.
What do you get when Lebron James, Maverick Carter, and Adam Sandler produce a movie together? We get to watch an all-time classic sports film with some all-time great ballplayer cameos.Let's hit pause on the actual best sports movie of all time ...
Have you seen it?
It ought to be enough that Netflix’s new film was written and directed by the same team behind some of Marvel’s best features: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. In case you didn’t ...
Veteran actress Susan Roces, once dubbed the queen of Philippine movies and wife of action star Fernando Poe Jr. passed away on Friday, May 20. She was 80 years old. The news was reported by her nephew Lawrence Cruz Sonora. Born Jesusa Levy ...
Happy Mother’s Day, Scarlet Witch.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe was born in 2008, when Robert Downey, Jr. first donned the Iron-Man suit and forever changed the game for blockbuster franchises. By now, most of the kids that parents took to the movies to see Iron-Man and every ...
The first preview shows Natalie Portman as the Mighty Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, plus features a sweet, sweet needle drop.
Think about something for us. If we—collectively, as a society—started every Monday by listening to a snippet of "Sweet Child o' Mine," wouldn't the world be just a little bit better? We think so.No one on this planet knows the power of the Needle Drop ...
The man who is skateboarding talks that Wesley Snipes meme, that broken femur, and that time he had to sell his house when the bottom fell out of the skate business.
“He’s still trying to skateboard?” asked a friend of Tony Hawk’s then-wife, Cindy, in the early 1990s. “Are you fucking serious? Grow up. Get a job.” By then, Cindy’s gig as a manicurist made her the breadwinner for the household. It was ...
Nothing was ever the same for Baler after Apocalypse Now.
When Apocalypse Now premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May 1979, Francis Ford Coppola raised one too many eyebrows when he told reporters: “We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much ...
The actor will face the Academy Board of Governors on Friday following his slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars.
In the ongoing saga that is The Slap, Will Smith's disciplinary hearing before the Academy Board of Governors has been moved up ten days from its original date. On Friday, April 8, the Board will discuss consequences regarding Smith smacking comedian Chris Rock during the nationally broadcast telecast of the ...
In which the star of Moon Knight survives a hurricane, floats in a warm ocean, lives in a model home, makes movies, wanders into his old apartment, wears tie-dye, trips on mushrooms, hosts SNL, stars in Star Wars, and creates art that gets at the rich and baffling complexity of the human experience. But not necessarily in that order.
It is 1992 and a house built on hope is cracking under pressure. A frightened young family huddles in the living room, hiding beneath a torn roof, praying to survive. The floors are lifting, the carpet is flooding, and as one wall then ...
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