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The MTRCB has given the film a PG classification.
In just two days, Maid in Malacañang has received some heavy criticism and pushback from the public, including historians, activists, filmmakers, and even religious groups.Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of the central Philippine diocese of San Carlos even went as far as saying that ...
Manuel Morato, or more popularly known by his nickname Manoling, has died. He was 87. The news was first reported by ABS-CBN News, which quoted family members as saying that Morato passed away due to COVID-19. Morato was a public official who served ...
Some make easier targets than others.
In the hypothetical scenario that the MTRCB can claw their way through the black hole, avoid getting massacred by the people who subsist on streaming services, and emerge successful at censoring or severely altering media content—and that’s a big “if”—these are the ...
Father of Philippine Digital Filmmaking Khavn De La Cruz offers his two cents on the Oro situation and how it reveals an issue much deeper than a dog being killed on-screen.
This so-called revolution does not have balls. It takes credit for everything that goes right then washes its hands of anything that seems to go wrong. But what did go wrong? That a dog was slaughtered and eaten in a film for ...
The former sex guru is now a government-sanctioned censor who promises to deliver us from the evils of soft porn.
I liked the pre-2015 Margaux "Mocha" Uson. Outspoken and utterly fearless, I thought she was a much-needed sexual provocateur in a country that has the dubious distinction of being the only place in the world—aside from Vatican City—that lacks divorce laws.Livin' La ...
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