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The museum will have over 300 objects on display, many being shown outside Japan for the first time.
The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is finally opening its doors in Los Angeles in April with an exhibit celebrating the works of the legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Envisioned as a journey through his six-decade career, it's the first of its ...
It opens on July 12.
While some people would raise an eyebrow (or, worse, roll their eyes) at museum-goers who just "do it for the 'gram," a new destination in Pasay City is banking on this very 21st-century practice. Lakbay Museo, located on the ground floor of ...
Artist Gus Albor and CRWN collaborate on a one-of-a-kind art and music event
Museums are typically serene, quiet places that often seem reserved only for the reserved.Not the Ayala Museum earlier this month, when online music platform Bandwagon put together celebrated minimalist artist Gus Albor and beatmaker/producer CRWN in Creative Nights, a special one-night only music ...
The museum will also host talks by creatives like Samantha Lee, Pepe Herrera, Ramon Orlina, and Jeffrey Solares as part of their Inspire Every Day 2018 celebration.
There’s nothing like a trip to the museum to uplift, inspire, and enlighten oneself. This is the sentiment behind Ayala Museum’s annual Inspire Every Day campaign, and the reason they’re offering free admission to all their galleries this Saturday, July 28. These ...
Pintô Art Museum's sister institution is making big waves in the international art scene.
Pintô Art Museum founder Dr. Joven Cuanang is intent on spreading the word about Filipino art and creating a platform for it be seen around the world.The idea of starting Pintô International, which introduces the works of Filipino artists abroad, spring from ...
Only until the end of May.
Good news for all science geeks: watching the shows at the National Museum’s Planetarium will continue to be free, at least until the end of May. If you haven’t caught a film there yet, now is the time, especially since the planetarium ...
This museum, quite literally, is the repository of the country’s art, history, and culture, and there’s always something new to see. Rediscover it by planning a trip this week.
Since its initial restoration in 2003, the National Museum of Fine Arts has gone from a sleepy, slightly forbidding institution to a bustling museum of the people, with long lines forming outside its colonnaded steps on weekends and holidays.The fact that the ...
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