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Rx: Museums. 
It’s not the first time doctors have prescribed hobbies and adventures as medicine for the soul. Doctors in the U.K. once prescribed gardening for patients struggling with anxiety and depression, and now, Belgian doctors are prescribing peaceful museum tours for patients struggling ...
It used to be a department store.
Back in the 1800s, the most happening place in the Metro was the 393-meter Calle de Escolta. It was lined with luxury stores, restaurants, and many other stately structures designed in Art Deco style. But many of them have fallen into disrepair, and what's ...
There’s a crystal-themed park in Austria and we’ve been missing out.
A hulking giant with large crystal eyes guards the glittering assemblage it hides beneath its verdant walls. It spews out a waterfall into a large lake that greets its visitors who dare (and why should they not?) venture inside its famed premises. ...
October is Museums and Galleries Month in the Philippines.
The Philippines is observing Museums and Galleries Month, which aims to arouse national consciousness on Filipino culture and heritage. According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, museums and galleries, whether they're small or unique, are vital to enhancing national consciousness ...
VR, interactive exhibits? Museums are taking it up a notch to get you interested.
When was the last time you visited a museum in the Philippines? Can't remember? We get it. Ogling art doesn't get the blood going as much as driving three hours to the nearest surf town or getting a buzz from the latest ...
Some of the world’s best art and artifacts can be found at galleries in New York. Indulge in art and fashion at one of the city's many museums.
The only place one can be simultaneously lost and then found is within a museum’s hallowed walls. Among priceless pieces of art and artifacts from the dawn of civilization is one's personal sense of wonder, which in these modern times is often ...
It features three galleries.
While most museums help us understand history through important artifacts behind glass cases or rope barriers, or walls upon walls that display art, Museo El Deposito in San Juan City stands on the actual site of an old underground water reservoir, which makes its location interesting in itself. ...
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