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The British duo is out with a new album.
It’s no surprise that Honne have played here in the Philippines more than a few times (you know, back when in-person concerts were still a thing here). The British duo’s chill, breezy beats have struck a chord with local listeners and, judging ...
Have you listened to Pebble House Volume 1: Kuwaderno yet?
Unlike in years past when one need only look at record sales and song charts, it’s much tougher to measure just how successful a musical artist is these days. But however way popularity and accomplishment are gauged, there’s little doubt Ben&Ben are ...
It’s called the SUDI Awards.
There is no shortage of award-giving bodies handing out trophies to artists in the music industry, but only one comes from the country’s highest policy-making body for arts and culture. The inaugural SUDI Awards conferred by the National Commission for Culture and ...
Wally Gonzalez, guitarist of seminal Filipino band Juan Dela Cruz, has passed away. His son John confirmed the news in a post on Facebook. He was 71. Gonzalez is perhaps best known as the guitarist of Juan Dela Cruz, which is widely considered ...
Are we dreaming?
One of the biggest bands in the world just announced that they will be making an appearance on the country’s long-running Sunday noontime variety show. British band Coldplay—the four-piece who probably needs no introduction—posted this announcement on its official Facebook page.This is a ...
After supporting English duo Honne, the singer-songwriter is coming into her own with her debut EP.
Filipino fans of Honne may have been screaming and applauding the British electronic music duo during their shows here in Manila, but surely some of that adulation was directed toward the young lady supporting the boys as their backing vocal. Beka is ...
Excuse us while we hit repeat.
If the dizzying heat hasn't already clued you in, we are well and truly in the midst of summer, and that means cold drinks, 24/7 air conditioning, and road trips (well, that’d be the case if it weren’t for this little thing ...
It’s like a Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” situation.
Parokya ni Edgar has had a lot of hits over the years, but perhaps none as memorable and instantly recognizable as “Harana.” The gentle and sweet ballad, which is in the band’s second album Buruguduystunstugudunstuy (released in 1997), is the ultimate ligaw ...
“Higher Power” was first played in the International Space Station.
Coldplay is already one of the biggest rock bands on the planet so for their latest song, they looked up and away from earth. The British band premiered their new song, “Higher Power,” to the International Space Station through French astronaut Thomas Pesquet ...
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