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It’s the first album from the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter.
Last time we interviewed No Rome, we were backstage at the Mall of Asia Arena about an hour before he went up onstage as the support act for his old pals The 1975. It was September 2019 and the then-22-year-old had been ...
Blue is for the wistful, yellow for the focused.
Everyone and their mother has probably already devoured their Spotify 2021 Wrapped, but this year’s edition is particularly special thanks to a new feature: the Audio Aura. Spotify Wrapped has always been a fun year-ender for music lovers to look back on ...
The story behind the relatable song.
Have you been in a situation where you hesitantly approached or spoke to someone you like for fear of being rejected? Most likely, you have. And that scenario, two of the members of True Faith believe, is the reason why Huwag Na Lang Kaya became ...
Here’s why they chose “Cola” instead.
What’s in a name? A lot—especially in the music industry and now that everything is on the internet and social media.Do you know how your favorite bands came up with their band names? Yael Yuzon, Filipino rock band Sponge Cola’s vocalist, shares ...
The artist really hoped that part of the music video would push through.
Ever noticed how the pivotal part (and often the best scene) in romantic movies would involve the leads talking to each other under the rain? Think Allie and Noah’s shouting match in the movie The Notebook. Or Georgina and Primo’s intense exchange in The ...
Adele's impact is real.
Whenever Adele drops an album, it tends to make history and impact us in more ways than one. Her latest release, 30, might take the cake though for influencing a whole app—Spotify, to be exact—to change a default feature.Spotify has just removed the ...
How the rock star’s quarantine solo effort pushes rock ‘n roll into the 21st century.
For the last fifteen years, the statement “Rock is Dead!” has become an overused argument in music circles. A genre that had once defined the liberation of young adults the world over, among multiple generations, is now regarded by many as a ...
Music streaming platforms are notorious for charging a small amount every time a listener plays your song.
Just how much do musicians make online? The hard truth is not a lot.Unless you’re a global superstar, the reality is that streaming is not the place to earn all the riches people assume the music industry has. International artists like Kanye ...
Don’t you just miss those jeepney rides?
It’s safe to say Pinoys have a love-hate relationship with the jeepney or jeep as we call it. It’s one of the most practical ways to travel, but it’s also a challenging part of the commute, especially during the rush hour. Ang simula ...
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