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After briefly appearing on some streaming services, her Twitter fandom is spiraling in anticipation.
Lorde, who up until today was a perfect music angel sent straight from heaven to New Zealand, has finally wronged us. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but this is a big one. After four years without releasing new music, starving those of us who ...
The film stock. The empty Union Station. The very Tony Scott shafts of light through dusty windows. All of it.
Earlier this week, John Mayer released the cover image of his upcoming eighth studio album Sob Rock, out July 16, along with a few seconds of his new single “Last Train Home.” The very retro cover and the Sony Watchman had us intrigued as to what ...
People are making their plants listen to music.
During the pandemic, one passion that seems to have truly laid down roots across the world is that of plantcare.With people spending more time indoors, taking care of plants has blossomed into a healthy hobby for homes across the world, including the ...
This is a very solo Eagle album cover. This is a very 'has contributed a song to the soundtrack of a Richard Gere erotic thriller' album cover. And we're ready for it.
John Mayer has announced via Instagram that his eighth studio album Sob Rock, his first since 2017’s The Search For Everything, will be released July 16, preceded this Friday by a single called “Last Train Home.” The extremely online Mayer must have known he’d be naming ...
Care to bid?
McDonald's BTS Meal has just come out and the collaboration—which consists of 10-piece nuggets, medium fries, Coke, and two packets of sauce—is already reselling on eBay. From the unopened full meal down to receipts, the food collab starts at $0.99 (approximately P47) and goes up to $30,000 ...
‘Kinilabutan ako.’
Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda heard for the first time the original lyrics from the ’90s hit song “Harana,” and his reaction was that of surprise. “Kinilabutan ako! Iyan ang hindi ko alam!” he said. (“I felt goosebumps! I never knew that!”)Miranda ...
The ex-bandmates had their 'flashpoints.'
The internet is again talking about the Erasherheads after ex-frontman Ely Buendia told the "Wake Up with Jim and Saab" podcast that their hit "Minsan" was more about his dorm friends and not about the band as many fans think.It's a candid ...
After Ely Buendia's confession on their song 'Minsan."
Ex-Eraserheads drummer Raymund Marasigan said Sunday the legendary Pinoy rock foursome are friends, just not the close kind. He's sorry for breaking fans' hearts further.That lack of a deep bond was the reason the band broke up, Marasigan said in his YouTube ...
The secret's in the sauces: Sweet Chili and Cajun.
BTS and McDonald's released a collaboration that is deeply in my wheelhouse. Nuggs and sauce, baby. Naturally, when I heard this news, I knew what had to be done; I had to order it at 11 a.m. sharp. The meal consists of a ...
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