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Spoiler alert: a single song can earn millions upon millions.
Listening to music stirs the mind and senses. Some people think of their loved ones while listening to memorable songs, while some people's thoughts are amplified with music. Then there's us... who think of how much money artists make from Spotify. Don't ...
Radiohead songs, albums, performances, and more rare content are found in this official archive. 
We're late for this party. Unless you’re a hardcore fan who has been with Radiohead since it released its debut song “Creep” in 1992 and then continued to follow Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, and Philip Selway all to ...
The song will appear in Raya and the Last Dragon.
For the first time ever in its history, Disney is releasing a Filipino song to accompany its latest animated feature. In the tradition of great anthems in the studio’s catalogue, “Gabay” will appear on the soundtrack of Raya and the Last Dragon, ...
March isn’t off to a great start for K-pop fans.
This isn’t a good time to be a big K-pop fan. At the stroke of midnight on Sunday (February 28), fans noticed that hundreds of K-pop songs disappeared off of Spotify. The scrubbing seems to have occurred worldwide as affected listeners took to ...
I might even take my shirt off in public this summer, bro.
There were so many things I told myself I was going to do while the world was shut down: I was going to learn chess, I was going to pick up a guitar, I was going to clean my desk. I did ...
You need to hear them sing live.
The world-famous Loboc Children’s Choir just celebrated its 40th anniversary. Through the years the group has captivated audiences both here and abroad with their pure vocal harmonies. They have won national and international competitions, and have performed before heads of states, royalty ...
Just in case you were wondering.
Bummer news: Daft Punk's publicist confirmed the French music duo broke up, just a few weeks after rumors about them performing with The Weeknd at the Super Bowl LV halftime show didn't materialize. And now you're out here googling what they look like without their helmets. Which, yeah, ...
RAM is a sad album that casts a melancholy gaze upon its own form and its own substance
Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories begins with an orchestrated power intro that reminds me of the first bars of “Easy Lover” by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins. The song continues with a throwback guitar jangle care of Nile Rodgers and the vocodered ...
We chat with the rising 21-year-old artist.
Twenty one year old Jack Rutter, now more famously known as Billboard chart climber Ritt Momney, is IRL exactly how he sounds like on the radio. What you hear is pretty much what you get. We sat down with the Salt Lake ...
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