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This is the place to celebrate your food quirks!
With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us in our homes, theater-going has taken a completely different turn. Watching a musical nowadays means plopping onto your couch, turning on your laptop or mobile, and pressing play on your device. For most theater companies, this ...
9 Works Theatrical gives us clues.
Philippine theater just continues to wow us in the past years. We've seen all-original librettos that broke our hearts like Changing Partners (2016) and Mula sa Buwan (2016), as well as musicals based on songs of Filipino bands like Sugarfree for Sa Wakas (2013), Aegis for Rak of Aegis (2014), and Eraserheads ...
Because every time a bell rings a Beatle gets his Wings.
In the expansive list of Paul McCartney's career accomplishments, stage work somehow wasn't on that list—yet. That’s all about to change though as the rocker is in the process of penning a musical adaptation of Frank Capra’s iconic Christmas film, It’s A Wonderful ...
The musical reminds us to take some time off and indulge in something good for a change.
Too often do critics forget the most basic reason we watch plays: to be entertained. To see a good story told well. To be wowed by what a group of immensely talented people can create when they work together.At a time when ...
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