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Musician and entrepreneur Kurvine Chua is singlehandedly reviving the market for the audio format.
Local record stores that sell physical records—vinyl, compact discs and even the odd vintage cassette tape or two—have seen a resurgence in recent years, but only one specializes in offering brand new releases of cassette tapes in the Philippines.Kurvine Chua’s United Cassettes ...
There was much swooning.
While the much-awaited Ang Huling El Bimbo Eraserheads musical opened to the public on July 20, the gala waited a week; it was held last night, July 26, at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. (In case you missed it, we got confirmation that production for a secretive ...
Tommen Baratheon, gone too soon.
It's no secret that the new Spider-Man Tom Holland has skills beyond acting. Part of the reason he landed the coveted superhero role is because he literally tumbled into his audition. The script called for Spidey to somersault into the frame and ...
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