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He had it for four years all throughout college.
As chairman of Toyota Motor Philippines, Alfred Ty oversees the country’s largest automobile company. In 2019, the local subsidiary of the Japanese car giant sold a total of 162,011 units, which translates to nearly 40 percent market share. That leaves all the ...
Victor Paterno bought another car years after the first, and it, too, got stolen.
Victor Paterno is best known as the big guy behind the local franchise of global convenience store behemoth 7-Eleven. As president, CEO and executive director of Philippine Seven Corp, he has steered the company toward an unmistakable leadership position in the lucrative but ...
Atsushi Najima had a relationship with the Japanese brand even before he joined the company.
Atsushi Najima had some very big shoes to fill when he took over the job of Nissan’s top guy in the Philippines earlier this year. Under his predecessor, the Japanese car giant experienced a spectacular surge in sales, taking it from as ...
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