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Probably wise to steer clear of the area, just to be safe.
A cursory glance at some of the country’s worst maritime disasters will reveal an interesting and quite distubring pattern. Many of them happened in the waters in and around the province of Romblon. This has led to many conspiracy theories about a ...
It kind of gives us the shudders.
Road signs are supposed to be useful and practical—they’re there to provide information to help guide motorists and commuters on their journey. But sometimes, you get the odd road sign that’ll just make you scratch your head and go, “Huh.”Top Story: World's Most ...
Was the moon landing faked? Did Hilter survive and escape to Argentina?
A conspiracy theory usually involves an illegal or harmful act supposedly clandestinely carried out by the government or very powerful people. These theories usually contradict the event's general understanding of history.Here, we list down the world’s most popular conspiracy theories and the ...
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