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Aswangs are going international.
In Jason Tanamor’s novel Vampires of Portlandia, a family of aswangs immigrates from their homeland the Philippines to the United States’ Pacific Northwest. Settling in Portland, Oregon, the aswangs are surprised when they discover other aswang breeds living among them. Tanamor, a second-generation ...
More than one of them is Gaiman-endorsed.
Internationally renowned fictionist Neil Gaiman professed his love for Philippine folklore on Twitter after he was prodded by a fan, but he also declined a request that he write a book on it, saying that the Philippines has “many terrific writers there who can ...
Hurry, before Marvel steals these ideas.
The country is in no short supply of its own gods and goddesses, given that our archipelago of 7,641 islands has a mythos for every indigenous tribe and every region. And guess what: They're all public domain, too. But, aside from it being legal to ...
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