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Reality can often make fiction much more interesting.
The 'He Said, She Said' format has long been around, exploring the differences and similarities of perceptions of both male and female personas. In contrast to this, Philippine-born U.S.-based author Gina Apostol wanted to tackle the story of the Balangiga Massacre of ...
The backstories behind Datu Puti, Ginebra San Miguel, and Jollibee.
Datu Puti is one of the most popular brands in the Philippines, easily associated not with an actual ancient ruler, but with vinegar and other kinds of condiments. But why was the vinegar brand named Datu Puti? Was there really a person ...
Naturally, all the books are authored by women.
Xandra Ramos-Padilla is no stranger to female empowerment. When she isn’t busy with her job as managing director of National Book Store, one can catch Ramos engrossed in books written by female authors. Cap off women’s month this year with her round-up ...
The first National Book Store was destroyed by a major fire, the second, by a typhoon, but nothing would stop its resilient founders.
National Book Store’s co-founders, 95-year-old Soccoro Cancio and Jose Ramos, met at a bookstore and the rest was history. National was named after their first cash register and the name has not changed since. Sadly, the original store was burned by a ...
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