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The World Ultra Wealth Report analyzed an exclusive group of ultra high net worth individuals across the world.
Wealth-X, a wealth information and insight company, has just released the World Ultra Wealth Report for 2018.The report found that the population of high net worth individuals in the world displayed strong growth—12.9 percent to 255,810 people from 2016. Wealth-X analyzed an ...
The tennis superstar made headlines for her stunning win against Serena Williams on Sunday.
All of tennis was abuzz this weekend when newcomer Naomi Osaka won against Serena Williams at the U.S. Open Women’s final. Much has been said about the controversial match, but only a few have been centered on Osaka’s historic victory.Here’s what you need ...
Lin-Manuel Miranda makes the list.
Hamilton is created by award-winning songwriter, playwright, theatre actor and singer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose net worth is at $10 million. Apart from winning three Tony awards, his popular and successful Broadway musical has also received an Olivier, an Emmy, three Grammys, and ...
The wealthiest royals benefit from the hereditary revenues of the crown.
Tracing the source of wealth of truly rich royals is always fascinating. Perhaps it's due to birthright. Or leading a country with a wellspring of oil reserves. Or being born into a family that has accumulated fine jewelry, exquisite art, and even territorial ...
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