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What are we meant to do with the time we have?
Making a name for yourself in show business requires more than talent. It requires sacrifice, an abundant amount of resources, grit, and ultimately, suffering before you’re ever even given the opportunity to reap the spoils of your hard work. But what if ...
This retro-futuristic series is one of the most beautiful shows that tackle mental health problems.
Starring Academy Award-winner Emma Stone and Academy Award-nominee Jonah Hill, Maniac deals with mental health issues. This retro-futuristic, limited series, which was released on Netflix in 2018, revolves around human trials for medicine that aims to rid people of mental illnesses.Thanks to the excellent script ...
The first-ever Filipino Netflix movie imparts nuggets of wisdom to the social media-crazed generation.
Mark Sta. Maria anxiously shakes his leg. His yellow pencil rapidly taps on the intermediate pad paper to the same beat. The library is quiet. He cannot focus. He needs money for rent. The anxiety that plagues him during school hours is ...
Including Ava DuVernay's Central Park Five dramatisation and trippy animation 'Tuca & Bertie'
Netflix's ambition to be the world's foremost purveyor of Good Content shows no sign of slowing, with the company's spending on original programming set to hit $17.8 billion by 2020.It's an investment that seems to be paying off too, with television series such ...
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