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Let's run through all the wild shit the new Hargreeves counterparts can do.
With the new season of The Umbrella Academy hitting Netflix today (June 22), audiences met a new batch of Hargreeves—all bursting with a wide array of abilities and powers.In case your memory needs some refreshing, the ending of Season 2 finds The Umbrella Academy superheroes accidentally ...
The New York comic opened up about Kanye West and his relationship with Kim Kardashian.
“I’ve had a really weird year,” says Pete Davidson in the opening moments of his new Netflix special, Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends. Well, that’s an understatement.Just to fill you in, Pete was previously one of the star comedians of Saturday Night Live – which he’s ...
Has it been Vecna all along? Beware of spoilers.
Jamie Campbell Bower was introduced as a supporting cast member in season four of Stranger Things, but we can all collectively agree that Bower was a scene-stealer as Philip, Henry Creel, One, and Vecna. The villain of season four is a worthy ...
The four-part Netflix documentary tells the story of FLDS and its leader, Warren Jeffs.
A four-part documentary directed by Rachel Dretzin, Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey tells the story of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), and its disgraced leader, Warren Jeffs. But what’s the true story behind the religion and how did it ...
How many of them have you watched?
We all know how much Netflix basically rewrote the rules on media consumption when it launched as a streaming service in 2007. But just how much? Well, countless other streaming services followed—Amazon Prime, Disney+, Paramount Plus, HBO Max, just to name a ...
The inside story of how the writer Thomas Page McBee and the series' showrunner Steve Blackman grafted a transition story over the intricate plotting of the ensemble show.
Amid rising legislative, rhetorical, and physical violence against trans people by those who insisted we’re destroying the very fabric of civilization, Elliot Page disclosed he is transgender—and, overnight, became the defacto face of transmasculinity the world over. He also confirmed he’d remain in ...
There's much more to Netflix's batch of originals than The Adam Project. (But yes, that one too.)
Since its origins as a monthly DVD delivery service, Netflix has always had a penchant for pipedream-esque business plans. And, when the media company announced in 2017 that they wanted original content to make up half of their streaming library, people were ...
We did a double take.
Netflix has released some pictures of Bradley Cooper in his new movie, Maestro, that look… absolutely nothing like Bradley Cooper.The actor looks unrecognisable after a dramatic transformation into composer Leonard Bernstein at different stages of his life.The film follows Bernstein and his wife Felicia ...
Vecna gets a horrifying origin story, Hopper battles a familiar foe, and the kiddos learn more about the Upside Down.
This story contains spoilers for Season Four, Volume One of Stranger Things.If you're reading this, you very likely dumped a good nine hours into the first volume of Stranger Things's fourth season. Not saying that's good or bad! It's just... you could've flown from ...
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