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Welcome to the Mike Flanagan canon, folks.
For those new to the Mike Flanagan canon, welcome to the most terrifying club on earth. The filmmaker and show-runner has an expansive history of terrifying work, both on and off of Netflix—recent titles like The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly ...
The South Korean service provider wants Netflix to pay for high network usage.
South Korean broadband company SK Broadband is suing Netflix and asking for compensation over increased network traffic and maintenance costs, according to a report by Reuters.Netflix’s data traffic handled by SK Broadband has reportedly jumped 24 times since May 2018 and as ...
Spoilers ahead.
Squid Game’s tug-o-war match is one of the most emotional and stirring scenes from the series. It pitted a team composed of physically weaker players against a team of young, strong men. The weaker team managed to win and send their adversaries ...
'The world has changed. All of these points made the story very realistic for people compared to a decade ago.'
Netflix's Squid Game may be the first Korean-language hit to top the streamer's most-watched chart, but for nearly a decade, no one wanted to even make it. That's hard to imagine, considering that the series is set to outpace Bridgerton and Lupin for Netflix's most watched series of ...
No offense to Asa Butterfield, but Otis is a despicable friend, boyfriend, and son.
I've played out this moment—yes, this very moment, the one we're sharing right now—in my head a thousand times.Sometimes, when I think about it, I laugh. It's a hearty Joker laugh, the corners of my lips inching toward my ears, my cackles ...
It’s a real bank account. 
Remember that bank account that was shown on Squid Game? It had 45 billion Korean won in it. As it turns out, it is a real bank account, and ever since that episode streamed on Netflix, people have been sending various amounts ...
Warning: these are not for the faint of heart.
What should you watch after binge-watching a gory, brutal, survival-of-the-fittest series? Even more bloody thrillers, of course. It’s hard to follow up Squid Game with a happy-go-lucky series, so if you’re still in the mood for blood and guts, here are a couple ...
No surprise here: Bridgerton reigns supreme.
Data is king wherever you go, but Netflix has managed to maintain its position as the world’s top streamer without resorting to total transparency. The streamer is notorious for being tight-lipped about its data, only releasing viewership numbers a few times over ...
Slater Young reacts to Slater Young. 
Spoilers ahead.We weren’t the only ones cheering on Slater Young in Squid Game.The engineer joined in on the online fun after fans and viewers noticed a striking resemblance between the YouTube star and Korean actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays the lead character ...
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