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BYE2020 is how we're ringing in the New Year.
Some of the brightest local and international names in music are coming together to say adios to the year that was and ring in 2021. Headlining BYE2020 are singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker (US), hitmaker Maximillian (DK), soul pop outfit Peach Tree Rascals (US), ...
We called on the star of Netflix's 'Tidying Up' to help us cope with all our tech. It might be her biggest task yet.
Marie Kondo, bestselling author, lifestyle maven, and star of the new show Tidying Up, is a little shocked. She's shocked that the feeling of sparked joy that she urges her acolytes to uncover among all their junk can be so universal. She's shocked ...
Here are some polite moves you should start making in the coming year.
As the new year arrives, it's time we review the impolite habits we need to leave behind in 2017.Here's what we need to start doing in the coming year.1. Arrive on time.“Filipino time” has become a lazy excuse for tardiness. Even if ...
2017 has been a year of triumphs, defeats, tragedy, and hope.
Sometimes, we lose our faith in humanity because we are surrounded by so much cruelty. Yet many times, that faith is restored. From the silly and tragic to the happy and triumphant, we summarize this eventful year with the best images that shaped 2017.The ...
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