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With inaugural solo exhibits from Martha Atienza and Yee I-Lann this September.
We can't have a proper dialogue about art in the context of the Filipino diaspora without Silverlens Gallery. In its 18-year existence, the gallery has become one of the leading contemporary art spaces in Southeast Asia.It has featured a robust collection of ...
Plus another branch in Dallas, Texas.
Jollibee’s quest for world domination continues with a new branch being planned in New York City in the U.S. According to Commercial Observer, which quoted a report by the company’s broker in the city CBRE, the fast-food giant’s fourth location in the ...
This can’t be the new normal.
The world witnessed how the events of September 11, 2001 brought probably the greatest city in the world to its knees. It erased two 110-story towers and the thousands of lives within and beneath them. More than just altering the city’s skyline ...
When 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York on August 28 after sailing the Atlantic Ocean, environmental activism experienced a reawakening.
The Global Climate Strike (GCS) is a week-long campaign against the climate crisis that has resulted in irreversible damage over the years. The campaign just kickstarted last September 20, but it had been making waves long before, through the voice of Swedish ...
Some of the world’s best art and artifacts can be found at galleries in New York. Indulge in art and fashion at one of the city's many museums.
The only place one can be simultaneously lost and then found is within a museum’s hallowed walls. Among priceless pieces of art and artifacts from the dawn of civilization is one's personal sense of wonder, which in these modern times is often ...
New shopping destinations, exhibitions on display, and experiences waiting to be had at America's most vibrant city.
New York is one of those cities that you'll keep coming back to, mainly because there’s something new and exciting at every turn. As if you need more reasons to book a ticket to this vibrant American city, here are some store ...
The exhibit spurs discussions on the creation of contemporary art in the Philippines from an outsider’s point of view.
Philippine art is continuously shaped by the story of its diaspora, wherein one’s sense of culture is informed by an exodus—both within the country, in travels between islands of a scattered archipelago; and outside, where the Filipino’s inquisitive nature adopts and remixes ...
Elwince Magbitang and Vince Pelegrin head off to the highly selective Jackie Kennedy Onassis School of Dance with help from their mentor, Sofia Zobel Elizalde.
It’s been an exciting year for Steps Dance Studio scholars Elwince Magbitang and Raye Vince Pelegrin. In April, the 16-year-old dancers found themselves performing onstage with principal dancer Stella Abrera and a cast of ballet all-stars from the American Ballet Theater (ABT).From ...
While the Filipino lifestyle journalist and designer hopes to showcase Philippine-made products that will resonate well with the Hamptons lifestyle, he intentionally stayed away from creating a tropical beach aesthetic.
For those who follow lifestyle editor turned book author turned home accessories designer Blue Carreon, they know that there is no limit to what this creative and talented man can do.From fashion writing and styling to interior decorating and landscaping—with a side of ...
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