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The presidential aspirant addresses his infamous slur.
Senator Manny Pacquiao, who is seeking the presidency, said he was not condemning the LGBT community when he described them as "worse than animals", saying that as a man of God, he was in no place to judge.In a vlog interview with ...
What countries side with the U.S.?
The U.S. and China have been at odds for as long as most of us can remember, both battling to be the political, economic, and cultural superpower of the world. In the game of international politics, it’s not a matter of “good ...
They call it “Game of Trapos.” 
With the 2022 elections just around the corner, more politicians are disclosing their intentions to run, and unsurprisingly, it’s the same last names we’ve heard for decades. Political dynasties are, unfortunately, inevitable despite their widespread disapproval. Politicians from both sides of the ...
But internet quality is among the best.
Internet in the Philippines lags the world in terms of affordability and speed on both mobile and broadband, despite improvements over one year, a global study that covered 110 countries showed.The Philippines ranked 104th in mobile affordability, 84th in mobile speed, and ...
Malaysia and Indonesia have opposed Australia’s bid. 
As mounting opposition to Australia’s bid to acquire nuclear submarines grows in Southeast Asia, the country finds an unlikely ally in the region: the Philippines—a country without submarines, but nonetheless an important voice that could tilt the cards in favor of Australia. Currently, ...
Ahead of the filing of candidacies.
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said Monday he had met with Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Manny Pacquiao as the political opposition attempts to put up a single candidate against the administration bet in 2022.Moreno, among frontrunners in pre-election surveys on President Rodrigo ...
Pres. Spox. Harry Roque was not surprised when his alma mater opposed it.
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Monday said his alma mater, the University of the Philippines-Diliman, does not "wish for anyone else to succeed" after its executive committee opposed his nomination for the International Law Commission.Roque said he was not surprised at UP's opposition, ...
Senate continues probe on pandemic funds.
As much as P550 million in public funds were potentially wasted after nearly 8,000 COVID-19 test kits that the government procured expired due to short shelf life, Sen. Francis Pangilinan said on Tuesday.During the continuation of the Senate blue ribbon hearing on the use ...
A scion of a prominent businessman.
Julian Ongpin is in the headlines after he was arrested by police for alleged drug possession last Saturday (September 18) in the beach town of San Juan, La Union. Media reports, quoting police sources, say drugs were found in the 29-year-old Ongpin’s room, ...
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