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This might be the best Paul George and Sony collab to date.
The hype for Sony’s latest iteration of the Playstation isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so getting your hands on the Nike PG5 PS5s might be the closest thing for now. This isn’t the first collab between LA Clippers superstar Paul George and ...
Kevin Reyes is proof that big dreams can come true.
Admit it. You’re not the only one spending all those hours on Nike By You, mixing and matching color and material choices on sneakers you’ll never end up ordering anyway. You’re not alone. Designing sneakers for a living is probably one of the ...
These are Mamba's best signature sneakers with the Swoosh.
Last week, Nike announced it will no longer be producing the late Kobe Bryant’s signature sneakers. This is because Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, and his estate did not sign an extension with the sportswear giant, marking an end to an amazing 18-year partnership. People ...
These Nike Cosmic Unity sneakers are made from... trash.
Sustainable and striking sneakers? Sign us up. The Cosmic Unity is the next step in Nike’s vision of a zero-waste future. The new sneaker features at least 25-percent recycled material by weight. Watch our try-on review and unboxing of the Cosmic Unity "Space Hippie" ...
Nike goes toe-to-toe with Beelzebub over the singer's drop-of-blood Air Max.
Having presumably exhausted the talents of its division of priests, Nike has reached for the big guns in its battle against Lil Nas X and Mephistopheles: lawyers.The furor kicked off when Lil Nas X announced a collaborative sneaker with ad company turned ...
By creating a shoe that worked across so many different colorways, Nike had laid down the foundations for the modern collab.
Along with dark web fentanyl, the Loch Ness Monster, and an honest man, it can be hard to find a pair of Nike Dunks in this current climate. Thanks to collaborations with modern cultural powerhouses like Off-White, Travis Scott, and... Ben & ...
It’s also the largest Jordan Store in Southeast Asia.
The first Jordan store in the Philippines is finally opening in December and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Because the Philippines is one of the most basketball-obsessed countries in the world, it only makes sense that we’re getting one ...
The running shoe, which bridges the gap between training and race day, is now available to Nike members.
Like Mars Blackmon said: It’s gotta be the shoes! It was a bit back in the day. A gag. But now, with wild advancements in modern footwear technology, it's actually true. Consider, for instance, the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%. In 2019, ...
Here’s a sneak preview of Sotheby’s ultimate sneaker auction.
Premium auction house Sothebys dropped eight ultra-rare artist-created sneakers in a sale titled “Cult Canvas” exclusively using Nike sneakers. These collectible and much sought-after shoes are creations that celebrate the cross section between art and fashion, illustration and design, and sport and ...
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