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Lego blocks plus World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. Yes, please.
Things don’t make sense but, at the same time, they do. In our topsy-turvy world where toilet paper is actually cake and facts are not facts, interlocking plastic bricks can be formed into a nostalgic gaming console.Do you get it?We’re not going to ...
Here’s an analysis of gaming console searches across ecommerce platforms in the region during the lockdown.
People have been doing everything to keep themselves entertained during this lockdown period: reading books, watching movies and TV shows on cable or streaming sites, exercise, arts and crafts—you name it. Then of course, there’s that most dependable of home-based activities—gaming. Studies show ...
How Nintendo's cutesy virtual life simulation became an unlikely fashion meeting place.
Renzo Navarro was bored during quarantine. A fashion photographer in his normal life, Navarro, who is based in Manila, decided to download Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest installment of Nintendo's hugely popular, warm and fuzzy life simulator, to see what all the fuss ...
You can download it on both iOS and Android!
Remember how many friendships almost ended because of a perfectly timed banana peel thrown right into your track at Mario Kart? If you do, then we'll have to guess you're still kind of bitter about it—no judgment! Relive the sting (or the ...
I thought I would hate the new handheld console. I was wrong.
I really thought I’d hate the Nintendo Switch Lite. I was so wrong.Nintendo has a knack for confusing and slightly disappointing me, then singing a siren song to lure me and my wallet back to the rocky shore. (After the 3DS's weird, rocky ...
It packed its presentation with gameplay, proving it's still the best company in gaming.
We’re in a wacky time for gaming. A time when all the gaming platforms, from Switch to PC, are holding hands around the campfire, singing folk songs and sharing a beer. For the first time in gaming history, we’re seeing unity and ...
Competing with rumored next-gen consoles from Xbox and PlayStation.
The Wall Street Journal, who tends to be notoriously good at nailing Nintendo's recent endeavors, reported that the company is allegedly planning to reveal two new versions of the Switch this summer. The two new consoles would expand the console's current reach to a pair of ...
Be careful not to get whiplash from all this throwback.
During Nintendo's Stellar "Nindies" showcase on March 20, the gaming giant announced the long-rumored Stranger Things game, and it’s as delightfully retro as the Netflix series. We saw a nice chunk of gameplay, the town of Hawkins, and some of the stellar cast all ...
The gaming giants are on the hunt for new recruits
It’s the kind of job you pined for as a kid, but common-sense dictates that working at Nintendo isn’t quite as fun as it sounds. At least that’s what you tell yourself, every single morning, as you prepare for yet another day ...
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