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Get ready for better screens, more powerful cameras—and super expensive folding phones.
This will be the year of the $2,000 folding smartphone. Are you excited? Yeah, we aren't sure, either. Frankly, all we really want are quality phones that hold charges and cost less than two-month's rent. As with any year, 2019 will see ...
They blend sports, smarts, and timekeeping capabilities.
A watch is no longer just a watch. With wearable tech on the rise, watches are really becoming more like mini computers you can wrap around your wrist. That might be the most true when it comes to sports watches—ones that track ...
A look at the best products to come out of this year's Mobile Tech Conference.
This year's Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile tech conference of the year held in Barcelona, has been quite eventful. The new announcements range from a waterproof LG G6, to a new BlackBerry phone, to new Samsung tablets, all the way to ...
It's a miracle!
Yes, the iPhone has its sleek glass and steel build, and its apps, and its fancy camera and its sense of warm, reassuring conformity, but how about its battery life? Pretty poor, right? It might last a day if you're lucky.It definitely ...
Yeah, but does it have Snake?
After years spent in a smartphone bum fight; pleading for scraps from the Apple and Samsung table, Nokia did the right thing and announced the return of the 3310: the world's only totally, scientifically proven invincible phone.But there are going to be ...
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