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The North launched two ballistic missiles. The South followed hours later.
Tension in the Korean Peninsula has reached another high on September 13 when ballistic missiles were launched by the two states. Just days after North Korea celebrated its 73rd anniversary in a parade, the hermit kingdom fired two short-range ballistic missiles off its ...
The reality could be much worse.
For the first time in months, North Korea has allowed a rare yet heavily lensed glimpse into the kind of life inside the reclusive nation. On September 9, the hermit kingdom commemorated its 73rd anniversary the best way it knows how: a ...
The North Korean leader hasn’t been seen publicly since April 11.
Multiple news sources are reporting that North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un is in “fragile condition” after reportedly undergoing delicate surgery. The Associated Press says the South Korean government is looking into U.S. media reports saying Kim is in grave danger.CNN, meanwhile, reported that Kim recently ...
A journalist and author who wrote a book on the reclusive nation tells us what regular life is like there.
Daniel Tudor is a British journalist and author who is now based in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford University and completed an MBA from the University of Manchester Business School. Besides working ...
These are the harsh realities revealed by North Korean defectors.
When it comes to information about the reclusive state of North Korea, the best intelligence agencies of the world, including the CIA, are uncharacteristically less informed. They heavily rely on South Korea for much of the intelligence regarding the North.Popular K-Drama series ...
Pyongyang Fashion Week... coming soon
Think of North Korean style and, inevitably, images of Kim Jong-un's disconcertingly sharp fades and menacingly wide trousers, billowing in the Pyongyang breeze, crowd into your mind. But it turns out there's far more to the state of fashion in the hermit ...
Even freedom of hairstyles is restricted.
Closed off from the world, the oppression within the borders of North Korea has been uncovered little by little by extensive research and by defectors who have managed to escape the regime.Apart from the tentative number of killings recorded in “Mapping Crimes ...
Hiroshima happened 72 years ago this week.
To the horror of the watching world, the President of the United States appeared to overtly threaten nuclear war today. President Trump warned, in bizarre language, that "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," promising that Kim Jong-un ...
The Ibiza of North Korea.
While North Korean citizens toil away in labor camps or starve to death, their dear leader, Kim Jong-un, can be found partying away at his own private seaside resort.The Sun published aerial photographs that it claims show a resort in North Korea ...
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