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An expat and a photographer learn to live in harmony in this light-drenched North Syquia unit. 
They couldn’t have been more different: One likes order and light—lots of it—while the other revels in darkness and chaos. But inside one of North Syquia’s spacious apartments, two housemates find common ground. The housemates—a German expat working with an international NGO and a ...
Quarantine is more bearable if you're surrounded by a giant palm tree and Syquia’s tight-knit community.
It took two years for Dorelyn Jose, a well-traveled international development worker, to finish decorating her new home at the storied North Syquia Apartments. But it was all worth it, she would soon realize. Not long after the last potted plant was ...
An American in Manila builds a gentleman’s space filled with his many passions.
Moving into a new home is always exciting; the smell of fresh paint, an empty space waiting to be decorated, the sense of a fresh start. On the other hand, the logistics involved can be a nightmare. More so when there’s a ...
The space is masterfully transformed by its new Italian tenant, but the influence of the cultural artist can still be felt in the details.
Barely an hour into his first day back in Manila, Italian Luca Bombeccari found himself walking along McKinley Road—barefoot—with his friend, the late Carlos Celdran trailing behind. He couldn’t remember the exact date, but it was around the first week of January 2018 for ...
Tucked away in one of the Manila's historic streets are one of the most prime apartments in the country.
Manila, once home to great family houses, social clubs, and art centers, now exists as a center for the city's hustle and bustle. During the day, the area mainly serves as a major thoroughfare for students and employees. At night, the numerous ...
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