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He's capturing moments that most people may never experience in their lifetime.
Filipino landscape photographer Edwin Martinez has dedicated the past five years of his career to capturing the magic of the aurora borealis, also commonly known as the Northern Lights. He’s traveled as far as Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, and Canada in the ...
Norway has one of the lowest recurrence records of crime in the world.
The common protocol for most countries is to punish criminals by having them serve time behind bars in prison.But not for one particular prison in Norway.The Scandinavian country’s justice system sends some of its most dangerous criminals—drug dealers, rapists, and murderers, included—to Halden, known ...
A new tool is here to ease travel anxiety
In modern day society, we have to consider the safety and risk factor of certain countries before deciding where to go on holiday. It can be a topic of concern for some but luckily the medical and security services firm International SOS have created ...
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