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Mabilis pa sa alas kwatro’ dates back to the 1900s.
“Ikaw talaga, hindi ka mautusan, pero pagdating sa lakwatsa, mabilis ka pa sa alas kwatro!”(“You can’t be relied on with chores, but when it comes to gallivanting, you’re faster than four o’clock!”)You’ve probably heard the phrase “mabilis pa sa alas kwatro” when ...
We tracked down the kids of School of Rock.
When School of Rock premiered in 2003, nobody expected it would become the icon that it is today. It was so successful, it inspired a stage musical and a Nickelodeon series of the same name. One of the things people loved about ...
MTV VJs were the definition of cool.
For a long time, the VJs of MTV Asia were the yardsticks of cool. The '90s can be considered the golden age of MTV Asia, thanks to its VJs who, with their humor, wit, and good looks, won us over. But where are ...
What was your earliest memory of The Legend of Zelda?
Way before I learned to read or write or press buttons on the console, I already fell in love watching the highly pixelated elf-like character from The Legend of Zelda. As a four-year-old, I was captivated by Link, the game’s hero, played ...
The anchors sang on the 10th anniversary of TV Patrol.
Kabayan Noli De Castro recently posted a throwback photo on his Instagram account showing the former anchors of TV Patrol serenading viewers in what is now a viral post. “The Voice of the of ABS-CBN Newsroom,” De Castro wrote, comparing the photo with ...
Netopia was the unofficial national computer shop of the Philippines. 
It's been more than a decade since I stepped inside Netopia, the shop that popularized the term internet cafe in the Philippines. Today, Netopia has become a relic, one of the forgotten icons from the past two decades. Netopia was founded in 1996 by ...
Kuba sa Quiapo starred Mila Del Sol and Leopoldo Salcedo.
The year 1949 was a turning point in Philippine history. It was the end of a decade ravaged by war. The country was rebuilding itself from the aftermath of World War II and, at the same time, finding its voice in the ...
The pandemic was not kind to small local businesses.
2020 was tough on all of us both personally and professionally. The global pandemic took its toll on small, local businesses, especially ones that had fewer resources than big-name chains and thrived on foot traffic passing by corner-street brick-and-mortar shops. Below, we ...
Chiz Curls was launched in 1966.
In 1966, food company Universal Robina Corporation launched Chiz Curls, a puff snack dusted in orange cheese flavoring and packaged in the unmistakable blue plastic. The packaging's style has evolved over the years, but the vibrant blue and chunky font stuck, along with the snack's signature ...
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