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Lessons from a woman who has fought all her life.
In 1992, Miriam Defensor-Santiago ran for president. At the end of canvassing, she wasn’t declared the winner of the election. But like many other things in her life, she didn’t lose it either. Because Miriam Defensor-Santiago never backs down from a fight. ...
Rule 1: Be sure she's pregnant before doing absolutely anything.
First of all, be absolutely certain she IS pregnant, so you can avoid that awkward moment when asking a woman when she is due and she just gives you a look of complete loathing because a) she might have given birth already ...
Iza Calzado likes old Recto architecture, misses jeepney rides, and is genuinely interested in the lives of other people. We accompany her on her big day out.
Iza Calzado did not bring a cap. She really should have. For one thing, it would have shielded her eyes from the harsh afternoon sun. More importantly, it might have provided a measure of anonymity as she walked the streets of Binondo. It ...
Purists may scoff at this quick recipe for carbonara. Frankly, we don’t care, because it tastes great and goes well with our beer.
When I was a young boy in the ‘70s, my foodie uncle made me try spaghetti carbonara for the very first time—cue angelic choir; revelation. The premise was simple: bacon, cheese, eggs, cream and mushrooms on spaghetti. How could a kid not ...
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