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Perhaps for the first time in living memory, we have a vice president who is more than a ceremonial figure. We should be paying attention to Leni Robredo.
When the Vice President of the Philippines returns to her office at dusk of November 9th, her staff have just finished watching Donald Trump quite graciously delivering his victory speech as president-elect of the United States of America. I stood with her ...
Yes, men. You are judged for what you wear.
A classic case of role reversal, women think of men in clothes as much as men think of women completely undressed. There must be some kind of psychology to this, but you’ll see what I mean when you ask what most girls ...
We'd hate to waste these outtakes from our Food Issue, so launch the gallery, and enjoy.
"If I see an opportunity, despite me being afraid, I see that my hope is greater than my fear, so I just go and do it," says actress Sarah Lahbati, humming with all the verve and energy of a woman not the least ...
She’s gotten into trouble before. She doesn’t quite follow the rules, nor the script that’s been laid out for a talent like her. For Sarah, everything is falling into its right place.
She’s too gorgeous, too independent, too smart, and too tall to have to share the spotlight. I'm looking at a photograph of Sarah Lahbati. Her normally luxuriant hair is a dull brown, her Tonga-tanned skin now sallow, and her eyes, which appear ...
Sink your teeth into Esquire Philippines' 2016 Food Issue, featuring Sarah Lahbati on the cover.
SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THE 2016 FOOD ISSUE featuring Sarah Lahbati on the cover. The actress speaks to ESQUIRE about the twists and turns of her rise to stardom, her insatiable voracity for life, and an imminent decision to feed her soul.Inside, ...
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