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The legendary New York artist known for his graffiti-style art lends and extra layer of cool to streetwear brand Off-White.
There are other places where you can get a piece of Jean-Michel Basquiat (the museum, the Internet, other collabs), but consider how this particular combination of the legendary New York artist and fashion label Off-White is perfectly matched. Basquiat's graffiti-style art, often inhabited ...
The cult brand opened its doors in Manila.
Italian streetwear and luxury fashion label Off-White is suddenly on everyone's radar without people even noticing. The craze started with an industrial yellow belt that looked a lot like the police's caution tape, followed by the brand releasing a bag with a binder ...
The biggest shoe drop is here.
If you pay any attention to the sneaker world, you already know that the Off-White x Nike Air Presto is back. It already appeared in black. Now, it's here in an all-white execution. If you aren't already raffled up, you'll have to ...
Make every trip a little more streamlined with a passport case.
Traveling is a whole lot less stressful when you pack with a strategy. One such strategy is making sure everything you're bringing has a home—namely, your most important piece of identification. Keeping a passport holder on hand ensures you'll always know where ...
The real deal is here.
By now, even the man on the street is familiar with Off-White—or at least, Off-White's signature motifs: the thick diagonal bars, the yellow industrial belt, and the deconstructed Nikes (which have all run rampant in the bootleg market and among Filipino "hypebeasts"). You might even be able to ...
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