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Paperwork is Abloh's posthumous comment on gender and identity.
When Virgil Abloh passed away in November 2021, Off-White was left suspended in time, a host of creative plans unfulfilled. Now, armed with a priceless archive of Whatsapp discussions, the visionary designer's closest creative partners are bringing his disruptive blueprints to fruition—including ...
But they will put you in-step with an ever-swelling trend for clinical apocalypse.
No, sorry, not listening. Don't care if medical advice has been approved by the sages in the high tower of the World Health Organization. If one is to feel safe—as in a total false sense of security sort of safe—you'll follow the ...
From hybrid products to just quirky couture pieces, these are some of fashion's fun and functional pieces of the moment.
For those of you who haven’t noticed, the fashion industry’s been churning out more unique (and often unusual) pieces every season. By unique, we mean that some items are very innovative and practical. On the other hand, some items are just downright ...
The track-inspired collection drops June 27.
It seems Virgil Abloh and Nike aren't slowing down. In the past few years, the two giants have released some of the biggest sneaker collaborations, and now, they're back to break new boundaries, with Abloh setting his sights on Nike's heritage in track ...
Virgil Abloh teams up with Springfield's problem child.
Virgil Abloh's Off-White is considered a disruptive label that changed the wider menswear landscape. And rightly so. But unlike most other serious, nod-deeply-in-approval-on-the-front-row outfits, Off-White doesn't always take itself too seriously. We refer you to the latest collab: Bart Simpson.First revealed as ...
The legendary New York artist known for his graffiti-style art lends and extra layer of cool to streetwear brand Off-White.
There are other places where you can get a piece of Jean-Michel Basquiat (the museum, the Internet, other collabs), but consider how this particular combination of the legendary New York artist and fashion label Off-White is perfectly matched. Basquiat's graffiti-style art, often inhabited ...
The 750 ml bottle is an "all-white" take on Moët & Chandon's classic gold-labeled rosé. See all the details here.
Off-White founder Virgil Abloh is at it again. Following successful collaborations with some of the world’s top fashion and apparel brands including Nike, Moncler, Jimmy Choo, and Levis, along with a number of creative partnerships with artistic icons such as Takashi Murakami, ...
The cult brand opened its doors in Manila.
Italian streetwear and luxury fashion label Off-White is suddenly on everyone's radar without people even noticing. The craze started with an industrial yellow belt that looked a lot like the police's caution tape, followed by the brand releasing a bag with a binder ...
The biggest shoe drop is here.
If you pay any attention to the sneaker world, you already know that the Off-White x Nike Air Presto is back. It already appeared in black. Now, it's here in an all-white execution. If you aren't already raffled up, you'll have to ...
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