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The half-French, half-Filipina artist is going back to her roots for her exhibition at Art Fair Philippines this year
She may not be aware of it, but in just a few years, Olivia d’Aboville has become one of the leading figures of modern Philippine art. The half-French, half-Filipina artist nursed an interest in biology growing up, but eventually elected to pursue ...
Olivia, an artist and designer, and Miro, CEO and founder of Volume Unit Entertainment, tied the knot twice—first in Malasimbo, Puerto Galera, and once more in Tribunj, Croatia.
Olivia D’Aboville and Miro Grgic share how they ended up tying the knot, twice.I was still a textile design student while Miro was visiting Paris and staying at my friend Solenn Heussaff ’s apartment. We both knew that our friends wanted to ...
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