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The watch was first introduced in 1957.
Omega’s first major release of 2022 is a new Speedmaster Calibre 321 encased in 18K Canopus Gold. Executed brilliantly with vintage details, the model celebrates the watch’s first introduction in 1957. Incidentally, a vintage 1957 Omega Speedmaster set a new auction sale record ...
The watch was once owned by the author of classic American novel Invisible Man.
The Omega Museum recently announced that it has acquired the Omega Speedmaster chronograph watch once owned by the famed American novelist Ralph Ellison. When the watch was offered, many collectors expressed interest, including the company that produced the watch. Now the timepiece is ...
Its simplicity belies the highest standards of precision and performance. 
In a moment when things appear to be returning to uncertainty, the last thing you want is something that will clutter the mind. Instead, you want something uncomplicated and dependable—easy even. And if this easy and helpful thing happens to come in ...
Omega launches Nasa-endorsed wristwear.
So, you have your Speedmaster watch, the Omega chronograph that famously went to the moon on the wrists of Buzz Aldrin, Ed White, and other members of Nasa’s finest.You’ve drooled longingly over the limited-edition anniversary versions of the “Moonwatch” that Omega intermittently puts ...
Call off the search, the nicest Seamaster is here.
There are pros and cons to owning a bronze watch.Bronze is traditionally an alloy of copper and tin – it's a soft metal. So if you're looking for a tough guy watch big on durability then you’re probably in the wrong department ...
The high-tech, America's Cup edition of the famed diver is ready for a regatta (and your wrist).
The Omega Seamaster rates, for many watch fans, an equal first to the Speedmaster in the long hagiography of the brand. The Seamaster may not have gone to the moon, but it is James Bond’s watch. Or at least it has been since 1995, when Pierce ...
The new models feature details that pay homage to the fourth-generation Moonwatch from 1969.
The story of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional is such a well-trodden path—from “one small step” to “Houston, we have a problem”—that even casual watch fans have likely heard of “Speedy Tuesday.” Certainly, the Speedmaster is in the top five on the bucket list ...
The 27-year-old enters a new phase of grown-up, proper pop with a grown-up, proper watch.
In the opening shot of Zayn Malik’s new video for 'Vibez', we see an Omega watch in all its hi-spec, close-up, Swiss-made glory: a model from the Constellation family that shows some forward-thinking modern marketing nous from an industry frequently (and perhaps wrongly) mired ...
Omega has always been a champion of ocean exploration. Now it creates a watch dedicated to saving it.
A “nekton” is an aquatic animal that can swim against or move independently of a current, and that may be why it has been adopted by the same-named research foundation dedicated to the scientific exploration and protection of the ocean.Top Story: Where Rizal ...
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