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Irving is a sublimely skilled basketball player, an admirable philanthropist, and a guy who is hurting the vaccination drive.
As the Kyrie Irving vaccine holdout reaches news cycle 42, there's an interesting talking point doing the rounds in the social-media sphere: Irving is a generous and accomplished man from a philanthropic standpoint. He gives a lot to charity, and to good causes, ...
After 46 Years, the National Planetarium in Manila is decommissioned.
Millennials and Gen Xers remember the National Planetarium from their childhood days as a staple for field trips. Here, we were taught that the Earth is not flat and is not the center of the universe. As a kid in the ’80s and ...
Leni Robredo fights an uphill battle as the Marcos legacy slayer.
Vice President Leni Robredo on Thursday declared her candidacy for president, asserting herself as leader of the opposition and setting the stage for an election rematch with ex-senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. whom she beat in 2016.Robredo hopes to reignite the same upswell of ...
The Facebook outage on Monday was a neat corollary to weeks of revelations.
The Facebook outage on Monday was a neat corollary to weeks of revelations, facilitated by whistleblower Frances Haugen, that we are using these products to poison ourselves.On Monday, the day after Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed her identity on 60 Minutes, the largest ...
It's a production, pandemic times or not.
Mayor Isko Moreno declared his intention to run for president before a socially distant crowd at a townhouse complex for former slum dwellers, hoping to inspire the electorate that like himself and the residents of Basecommunity, they too can turn their fortunes around.Moreno's ...
There's more to the problem than a popular celebrity allowing a Marcos to get away with lies.
Every time the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos' children get a platform like Toni Gonzaga's recent vlog to define his rule as the Philippines' golden age, victims of his brutal regime like acclaimed writer Ricky Lee feel like he's slowly being erased from this world ...
Here's populism explained.
A photo of Sen. Manny Pacquiao eating grilled chicken with his bare hands went viral on social media, with some netizens pointing out what they have seen before --- a politician pandering to common folk for purposes of election.Pacquiao is reportedly running ...
And it’s probably best not to join the bandwagon. 
The Philippines is the only country in Asia, and one of two countries in the world, that has yet to resume physical classes in school. The other country is Venezuela. In September, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bangladesh started allowing some of their schools ...
Sara Duterte-Carpio is playing her cards well.
It’s hard to erase the image of Sara Duterte-Carpio repeatedly punching a court sheriff in the face in front of national television—it was a brute display of power and street justice that resonated among her supporters and detractors. That happened 10 years ago but ...
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