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Piracy in the age of streaming is a morally gray issue.
In its heyday, fantasy epic Game of Thrones was one of the most-watched TV shows in the world. This distinction carried one other notable fact: It was also one of the world’s most pirated TV shows. In fact, records show that the ...
Elon Musk’s new title is the latest distraction for a company that’s already had too many.
No. No no no. Come on. I don’t want to write about Elon Musk calling himself “Technoking” in a new SEC filing. It isn’t just that the name is cringeworthy; I feel like maybe I saw someone with a name like that perform ...
‘Your man needs an attractive wife,’ said the pastor.
Reverend Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of Malden, Missouri was delivering an impassioned sermon on February 28, 2021, when he said something his churchgoers thought they misheard: “I’m not saying every woman can be the epic trophy wife of all time,” begins Clark. But then ...
It’s easier to cancel a person than the issue itself. And the issue is far more complicated than it seems.
What is art if not to disturb the comfortable?A photo of a celebrity and her art has been circulating the net. Despite all her talent, she was burned for supposedly using poverty porn for her own benefit. At first glance, it’s a ...
The offer to resign demonstrates humility and accountability.
On a trip to Baguio organized by the Department of Tourism last November, I experienced firsthand how the city took stringent health protocols seriously. A negative antigen test 24 hours before your scheduled arrival, a health check on the city’s outskirts, another one ...
Many of us are reaching a breaking point.
Two instances of gross violations of current health protocols dominated social media over the past few days. Both involve relatively well-known personalities, and both were called out by livid netizens because they chose to celebrate their birthdays in public spaces in the ...
Biden doesn't favor the full legalization of cannabis.
This story originally appeared on Esquire U.S. Minor edits have been made by the Esquire Philippines editors.Joe Biden has promised time and time again to be a president for all Americans. All of them. One more time for the cheap seats: all of them. As it happens, ...
Actual historians tore it to shreds.
The last really big fish in a really small barrel presented for our amusement and mockery by the folks down at Camp Runamuck came on Monday when the so-called 1776 Commission released its "definitive chronicle of the American founding."The "definitive chronicle" consists of 20 ...
Do you really want to show the world how hateful and ignorant you are?
Back in a world PSM (pre-social media), people traded insights and opinions on the news of the day only through in-person gatherings—in school, at work, at a birthday party, while waiting for the bus or jeep, at the neighborhood sari-sari store. We’d ...
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