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I sure as hell am not in the mood for any discussion of the "appropriateness" of Beto O'Rourke's press conference interruption.
The story remains the people dead by gunfire at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. That will be true no matter what distractions are thrown up by the people who want to talk about anything other than the fact that there ...
What do you think?
I was in line to order dinner at my neighborhood fast-food chain the other day and noticed one of the service crew members regarding the post-meal carnage a large group of rowdy teenagers left behind on their table. There were burger wrappers ...
Oras na muli para pumili ng susunod na pinuno ng bansa.
Bawat anim na taon, marami sa ating mga Pilipino ang nagtutungo sa mga voting center upang tuparin ang ating tungkulin na ihalal ang susunod na pinuno ng bansa. Dumating na naman ang panahong ito. Pagkatapos ng ilang buwang panliligaw ng mga kandidato para sa ating ...
How's that Anti-Dynasty Bill coming along?
For years, the Anti-Political Dynasty bill has been so elusive, and for reasons, which a lot of critics point out, we already know."The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by ...
What would it take for you to call out your own parent in public?
I am not a parent so I cannot presume to know what it feels like for a mother to be so publicly renounced by her offspring in the way Representative Loren Legarda was by Lorenzo Leviste. I am, however, a son, and it ...
Optics, optics, optics.
We’re not going to rehash the theatrics that went down involving three of the presidential candidates on Easter Sunday. By now everybody and their mother, uncle, lolo, and grandson has a hot take on that bizarre press conference called by Senator Ping ...
When ice melts at the poles, it sends freshwater into the ocean. This is worse than it sounds.
There are several meanings for the phrase, “on the rocks.” One is a request for ice in your whiskey. This has been known to adulterate the whiskey if you drink it too slowly. And another is a description of what a shipwreck ...
Vladimir Putin said some crazy sh*t this week.
Vladimir Putin gave a couple of crazy-assed speeches this week. On Thursday, he managed to almost go full Stalin. You never go full Stalin. Shooting all your generals immediately prior or during armed combat is always a terrible idea. Putin hasn't gone ...
In the 21st century, why is war still a thing?
Almost everyone prefers their communities and adobes to stay in peace, and the very talk of warfare often sends a chill to the bones of many. Yet war still exists, mostly in the name of existing interests: these existing interests can always ...
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