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The cure for cancer may also be hidden in the West Philippine Sea.
Nearly 1,000 kilometers away from Manila, China's aggression in the West Philippine Sea is on voters' radars in 2022, but they don't quite feel it in their guts, not like the pandemic and the economic hardship it brings.That's because much of the ...
Disappointing to say the least.
The creatives industry is in uproar. A few days ago, Canon Philippines uploaded its sausage fest of a lineup for its Canon Brand Ambassadors 2021. The lack of female photographers in the lineup was a disgrace for a brand that supposedly boasts ...
It was not a groundbreaking milestone for space travel.
Jeff Bezos launched into space yesterday aboard his New Shepard booster from Blue Origin. The countdown, the media coverage—ours included—and the presscons all served to build hype over this supposedly groundbreaking moment for space travel. But when liftoff started and Bezos’ dick-shaped ...
The Kremlin doesn't leak, at least not without a purpose.
The Kremlin doesn't leak, at least not without a purpose. Or is this just a leak from Western intelligence?The big noise from Winnetka—and all points north, south, east, and west—on the Intertoobz this morning is this report in The Guardian that is based on ...
It points to a new kind of horror.
The situation at Lake Mead, which supplies water to 25 million people, points towards a new kind of horror.Not long ago, we mentioned that Lake Mead, the water source for 25 million people and for massive tracts of American farmland, and a ...
Sometimes, preserving heritage looks like gatekeeping.
On July 9, the Department of Trade and Industry announced it was aiming to standardize the cooking technique of the Philippine adobo. It enlisted the help of Manila-based star chefs to help it define what adobo is. A flood of criticism forced the ...
The "Storm Tiger" hardly lives up to its name.
A new article claims the North Korean People’s Army Pokpung-ho IV main battle tank has the “most terrible firepower in the world.” A closer examination of the tank, however, reveals a tank that doesn’t quite live up to its name of “Storm ...
An analysis of the administration of Benigno Aquino III and the legacy it left behind.
In 2010, Noynoy Aquino was inaugurated as the country's 15th President with more than 42% of the electorate choosing his transformative platform of hope. The expectations were high. And then he fell short of his promises.In 2005, former Republican Party strategist Kevin ...
It was a non-negotiable item for Aquino.
“Malinaw ang pahiwatig natin ngayon sa buong mundo: Ang sa Pilipinas ay sa Pilipinas. Kapag tumapak ka sa Recto Bank, para ka na ring tumapak sa Recto Avenue,” President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III said during his 2011 State of the Nation Address. This ...
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