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The 64-year-old admits to grappling with feelings of relevance during the pandemic, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down.
When Joey Ayala pops up onscreen he is wearing a sleeveless top in front of a black background. The 64-year-old musician is all smiles as we exchange pleasantries, but I couldn’t help commenting on his muscled arms and toned physique. And so ...
Creativity clearly thrived during the pandemic.
While most of us just couched and watched Netflix while staying indoors, artists got busy and found inspiration within and beyond the walls of their own home. Want proof? Listen to these OPM gems right now. Artofbodybending is a strange name for a ...
What pandemic?
In 2020, music was made, and, as always, some were better than others. Creativity blossomed while we were all forced to stay indoors for the better half of the year. Hereabouts, there were some pretty special releases, and the best were the ...
The charismatic frontman will be sorely missed by his legions of fans.
Vladimir Garcia, more popularly known as Jamir and vocalist of the band Slapshock, has died. He was 42 years old. The news was reported by several media outlets, quoting a report by the Quezon City Police District Station 3.The police report said ...
The band just released a tight, thoughtful EP.
Some of us turned to baking bread. Some, to tending plants. Some have even written entire books (although the quality is suspect, at best).ALSO READ: OPMTwo International Music Labels Are Setting Up Shop in the PhilippinesAn Oral History of Mayric’s: “Where All Great ...
The familiar music bar, home to many OPM bands, is ending a 15-year run.
Route 196, home of live music from some of the country’s best independent bands and artists, is closing its doors after 15 years. A tweet hinted at the bar’s closing, with a video of the words “All Roads Lead to Route 196” in ...
“Lahat magkakaibigan lang.”
When there’s talk of the greatest rock music venues ever in Manila, all the usual suspects are mentioned: Club Dredd, which burned bright for a few years before disappearing like a comet in the night sky; Kalye, where the crowds were a ...
88Rising and Island Records are now in the country.
If there were any doubts about the Philippines’s stature as home of some of the world’s best musical talents, this ought to dispel them. Two international music labels that have helped catapult artists to mainstream success are opening subsidiaries locally. 88Rising and Island ...
If you’ve ever fancied yourself a songwriter, now’s the time to prove it.
The 2020 Philpop Songwriting Festival is looking for the next generation of songwriters, and organizers will turn the best one into an instant millionaire.P1 million will go to the grand champion of the songwriting tilt if your song is picked as the ...
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