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Recorded during the pandemic.
By next year, 2023, seminal alternative-rock band Sandwich will be celebrating their silver anniversary. But that celebration is still up in the air for some members as the pandemic is still not quite done in the country. Live gigs are coming back, ...
The duo’s first-ever collaboration will set your expectations and emotions high.
We’re in desperate need of a little emotional decompressing, motivation, and support. Whether that comes from friends, family, neighbors, or anyone who cares to ask “kamusta?” doesn’t really matter; the question is still valuable no matter who’s asking.For rap superstars Shanti Dope ...
It's the second collab between the two hip-hop stars.
Kumpisal, or confession in Filipino, is a theme that’s been running for many years in hip-hop, both local and international. In 2004, Usher even released his chart-breaking album named “Confessions,” the cover art of which shows him sitting next to a confessional ...
The indie-pop outfit presents an ambitious concept album inspired by the kundimans of old.
Orange & Lemons are back and they’ve reinvented themselves from head to toe; moving on from the jangly telecaster to the orchestral rondalla. The boys of Bulacan are now wearing tailored barong outfits, suiting themselves up for a formal date with their ...
It’s Ena Mori's world and we’re just living in it.
Ena Mori was all smiles when she greeted the Zoom call at the stroke of 12 on a Friday afternoon. Behind her we could see colorful walls and a Yayoi Kusama-inspired painting. During the course of  Esquire Philippines’ conversation with the 23-year-old ...
Did your favorites make the list?
In the second year of the global pandemic, we got to see more of its effects in the output of our creatives. For the year’s best records, there were obvious choices, but others we had to dig deeper and sift through the ...
It’s Ben&Ben’s world; we're just living in it.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of Esquire Philippines. What better way to celebrate than with our annual Man at His Best (MAHB) event. This year, we honor 10 heroes and mavericks from the worlds of film, music, business, art, sports, politics, ...
The perfect gift for OPM music fans.
If you’ve ever listened to cassette tapes, CDs or vinyl records back in the day or recently, then you'll agree that it's quite a special experience. There’s nothing quite like settling in to absorb an entire album from start to finish while leafing ...
It’s a win for P-pop.
Filipino boy band SB19 have made history after their song “Bazinga” made it to number one in the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart on Tuesday (December 7). The chart, which tracks global music trends on Twitter in real time, nudged global sensation ...
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