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The Big Crown ProPilot Okavango Air Rescue honors 10 years of treatment for visitors and locals in the remote Okavango Delta.
When you think of watchmaker Oris, the word "diver" generally follows in quick succession. Yet while the veteran watch brand founded in Hölstein, Switzerland as early as 1904 has a long history of making functional watches for divers, it is also active ...
The Carl Brashear Calibre 401 Limited Edition diver is an homage to the first Black person to become a certified U.S. Navy master diver.
Oris has had a particularly meaty history when it comes to dive watches ever since it released its iconic divers of the mid 1960s, and the company has focused ever harder on this popular niche for watch lovers over the past 20 ...
It's a first-place finish for the Hölstein Limited Edition.
Bronze: the precious metal for placing third, a heavy reminder that you're good, but just not good enough to out-vault the big-armed gymnast who is apparently above the laws of gravity. But it's not quite the peloton straggler in watch terms. On ...
The Blue Whale Limited Edition has arrived in the country.
Sustainability, and everything related to it, is something that luxury brands have jumped on recently. From improving production to lessening waste and downright transparency when it comes to proper methods, it's a conversation that needs to be had. And one of those ...
Now in titanium, the featherlight Oris Aquis Date diving watch is for city or sea.
Know what sets apart the people with real money and the people who have can-buy-two-houses levels of money? Those who are set for life (and beyond) have no interest in buying stuff that will clue you in on how much they're really ...
Your next timekeeper should be mechanical.
Founded in 1904, Oris is one of but a few Swiss watchmakers that produces only mechanical watches, and it currently faces a conundrum that many other brands do: Is it wiser to level with the competition or swim against the tide? In ...
Jazz musician Dexter Gordon was also nominated for an Oscar, like your current favorite movie.
Music is all about keeping time, but jazz in particular has a special relationship with it. Just ask a jazz drummer about broken time, for example; or ask John Legend’s character, Keith, in La La Land, about how “jazz is about the ...
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