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Luxury gifts are no longer just reserved for Hollywood titans.
There’s a scene in the 2006 episode of The Sopranos, ‘Luxury Lounge’, where Christopher Moltisanti randomly finds himself in a celebrity gifting suite with the actor Sir Ben Kingsley. He looks around the room, mouth agog, big brows furrowed, at all the pricey ...
Themes and ideas in Filipino cinema match with Hollywood’s best.
The Academy Awards in the Philippines are a tenuous thing. Since it airs during the daytime in the Philippines, it is common to discuss it over lunch break at work, but usually most haven’t seen any of the nominees. This is truer ...
How do you celebrate winning loads of awards? With K-pop jams.
Bong Joon Ho signed off his Oscars speech by saying he was ready to drink until the next morning, and the after-party for the Parasite gang was the hottest ticket in Los Angeles.But what actually goes on at the party you throw when you've ...
Eurovision Elsa and Eminem. Oh Eminem
Returning again without a host, the Oscars had a tough job living up to the embarrassment of the 2019 ceremony. How do you a match a ceremony where Bohemian Rhapsody won an editing award and Green Book triumphed over The Favorite and Roma? No, we're not still bitter, why do ...
And do they stand a chance at the old guard-favoring award ceremonies?
This Sunday, the winners at the 92nd Academy Awards will be announced. They'll each be given shiny gold statues, and we'll finally know the identities of the most exciting actors working in Hollywood. Or, rather, which ones the Academy deems to have served their ...
The Sandleraissance isn't coming and female directors don't exist!
There is a particular kind of disappointment which comes with the Academy Award nominations. Though there was good news in the multiple category nominations for the masterful Parasite, the reticence of the Academy to reward small indie films (Waves), genre films (Midsommar), blockbusters (Hustlers), ...
As film season ramps up, a look at who might win big come February.
The race to the finish line (the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, 9 February 2020, when the winners of the 92nd Academy Awards are announced) has well and truly begun.With Cannes, Venice and Toronto Film Festivals all tied up, and ...
From Spike Lee's custom Nikes to Billy Porter's tuxedo dress.
The fancy, formal attire for the annual Oscars red carpet often lends itself to tuxedos. While a lot of guys will go with a classic black—it never fails, but doesn't quite stand out in this sort of environment either—there's also an influx ...
“Roma On Netflix? What’s Next, My Microwave Makes A Movie?”
There's a reason the teleprompter often has ushers award-winners off stage with a countdown at the Oscars.Faced with the bright lights and the task of remembering every person they owe a vague debt of gratitude to, people tend to drone on somewhat.Instead ...
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