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He joins an elite club of lawmakers.
Garnering over 26 million votes, actor Robin Padilla surged to the top of the 2022 senatorial race, qualifying him into the elite group of Senate topnotchers whose names continue to chart the country's political landscape up to this day.Padilla, known for being the ...
The website breaks down votes per precinct.
The elections are over and the results are getting clearer and clearer. We have our new leaders for the next six years. While COMELEC is still in the process of finalizing the official vote tallies, the unofficial vote count says that the Philippines’ ...
Dual role of vice president and Cabinet member.
Presumptive president Bongbong Marcos on Wednesday said his running mate Sara Duterte-Carpio, has agreed to helm the Department of Education once they assume office.Marcos' team has begun preparations for a transition leading up to his June 30 inaugural after winning the May 9 ...
The former action star is set to become a lawmaker.
It's been a hell of an elections, to say the least. The circus of the campaign season is over and now we're finally seeing the victors. Even a seasoned actor like Robin Padilla must've been exhausted by the end of it.In the ...
The transition process, explained.
A presumptive president will emerge after partial and unofficial results of the 2022 election are tallied and it's mathematically impossible for the second-placer to overtake the candidate on top.It's an unofficial way to refer to the winner, until that person is proclaimed by the ...
What happens after polls close?
Filipinos will elect their new leaders on Monday as the country holds its fifth automated national elections since 2010, making transmission and canvassing of votes quicker and proclamation of winners possible within days after the polls close.The automated process also allows partial ...
Who will lead the country in the next six years?
Voting officially ended late Monday, marred with long lines and malfunctioning counting machines as the world now closely watches who between Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo will lead the country out of the COVID-19 pandemic.Polling precincts closed at exactly 7 p.m. on Monday, but people within ...
Without drinking.
During the 2016 United States presidential elections, the American Psychological Association released tips for coping with stress. They included limiting media consumption, being proactive on a local level (like volunteering in the community), voting, and avoiding political conversations that could get heated—hard to imagine ...
Oras na muli para pumili ng susunod na pinuno ng bansa.
Bawat anim na taon, marami sa ating mga Pilipino ang nagtutungo sa mga voting center upang tuparin ang ating tungkulin na ihalal ang susunod na pinuno ng bansa. Dumating na naman ang panahong ito. Pagkatapos ng ilang buwang panliligaw ng mga kandidato para sa ating ...
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