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Even the soil of the mountain is exceedingly rare. 
On the forest floor of Palawan’s Mt. Victoria, something dark and small scurries, looking for fallen fruits to eat: a Philippine porcupine. It is among the hundreds of mammal species that inhabit the virgin mountain. For some people, Mt. Victoria is the playground ...
To anyone who has been there before, the news comes as no surprise.
Barely two weeks after CNN Travel ranked the city of Vigan as one of the Most Beautiful Towns in Asia, the travel news outlet once again put another Philippine destination on one of its prestige lists. The island of Palawan is on this year’s edition ...
Accommodations cost around $100,000 (or P5.19 million!) a night.
After years of consecutively topping the ranks of the world’s best islands and housing some of the most luxurious accommodations in the Philippines, Palawan has outdone itself once more. One of the province’s 1,780 islands has quietly opened an intimate haven unlike ...
Together, they are on a mission: to create what could be a potential model for Philippine cultural tourism with Kalye Artisano, an artisan village located within the 325-hectare Lio Tourism Estate.
The opportunity to pursue a path that nourishes mind, body, and soul is not one that Bea Zobel Jr. takes for granted. Neither is the chance to walk this special road alongside her 27-year-old daughter, Paloma Urquijo Zobel. In fact, when the ...
Here's everything you can do and explore at Lio Tourism Estate in El Nido, Palawan.
With its fine beaches, crystalline waters, and largely unspoiled islands, and islets, El Nido in the northern region of Palawan is on everyone's bucket list.But as El Nido's popularity grows, so does its tourist population. How do you promote a tourism ecosystem ...
Can’t decide where to go for the holidays? Let this be your guide.
If you haven’t booked that ticket or decided on a place to escape for the holidays yet, here's our list to guide you in choosing where to spend the long Christmas break. We’ve scoured through countless travel guides, our notes from our ...
There's an ideal venue for every type of wedding.
ManilaFor a traditional church wedding, Manila has a number of religious landmarks that hold a remarkable history tied to impeccable age-old walls and stained-glass windows. In Quiapo, the Basilica Menor de San Sebastian makes a great choice for its ancient architecture and ...
If you harbor dreams of being an explorer, then cave surveying could be for you.
“The great mountains have been climbed, the vast deserts crossed, long rivers run. Every corner of the planet has been mapped and analyzed, studied by satellite. As the global community shrinks, any explorer who would be the first to set foot on ...
The Klook app gets you places without the hassle of booking so many things.
In the island paradise of Palawan, there were two places where we were instructed to keep our mouths shut. The monkeys in the tropical jungle wilderness are said to interpret toothy smiles as aggression. So we had to refrain from baring our ...
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