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Hobbes & Landes, a toy and hobby shop popular for its selection of imported toys and board games, is closing its last company-owned physical store at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig.In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the company said its ...
A flight attendant who used to travel the world for work finds reasons to appreciate being grounded.
It’s 2:30 a.m. as I reach for my alarm, half-awake after a 14-hour slumber. I was recovering from a summer trip during my off days in a little-known city in Austria called Klagenfurt, about to fly to Brazil for work where it’s ...
Rx: Museums. 
It’s not the first time doctors have prescribed hobbies and adventures as medicine for the soul. Doctors in the U.K. once prescribed gardening for patients struggling with anxiety and depression, and now, Belgian doctors are prescribing peaceful museum tours for patients struggling ...
One can dream.
By now, most of us have reconciled with the fact that we won’t be traveling anytime soon, at least not anywhere far. Out-of-town vacations? Yeah, let’s move that next year, or the year after even. But by some fortunate coalescence of events, ...
Lots of closed businesses, but still plenty of beautiful things to see and experience.
In case you were wondering, Boracay still looks beautiful. The sand is still white, the coconut trees still sway in the breeze, and the waves still gently lap the beach. But one of the country’s top tourist destinations has been ravaged by the ...
People just want to go back to normal.
A new survey of Filipinos’ sentiments over a year into the coronavirus pandemic found that 63 percent of respondents say life has gotten worse. Twenty-nine percent said that nothing has changed in their households, while eight percent claim life has actually improved.About ...
Escaping to a deserted island just got more real.
People serious about “getting away from it all” are taking social distancing to the next level. In Japan, there’s been a noticeable spike in people expressing interest in buying their own deserted island during the pandemic. According to a Nikkei Asia report, four ...
Violence comes in the form of physical and verbal abuse.
The incidence of violence against children, mostly by parents and caregivers, dramatically increased globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a global research conducted by Save the Children, loss of income from lockdown measures have resulted to increased negative feelings and reduced ...
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