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Panera trademarked something new.
The Coca-Cola Company owns 1,901 trademarks. You can probably guess some of them – Sprite, Fanta, Enjoy Yours. There's loads you probably can’t – Joy To The Lemons, Pay Like A Boss, and Gutsmack, for example. (You might wonder how much competition ...
A dive watch with serious chops.
“I get this extraordinary feeling of wellbeing, I feel great without the need to breathe,” says Guillaume Néry. “I feel great like a tiny dot, a little drop of water floating in the middle of the ocean.” To complete this mind-balming vista, ...
At $200k it is a bargain because it’s Panerai’s most historically significant modern watch.
The watch collecting world is ending 2020 with record highs thanks to auction house Phillips’ Flagship New York Watch Auction event dubbed Racing Pulse, collecting over $27.6million (over P1.3 billion). It’s also a record-setting year, with the sale of timepieces owned by ...
The actor, writer and director is auctioning some of his favorite timepieces.
Next month will be an exciting season for watch collectors with deep pockets as auction house Phillips announces its additional lineup of so-called “Hollywood watches.” These are timepieces owned by Hollywood legends Paul Newman and Steve McQueen and Phillips just announced that ...
Panerai announces an unprecedented warranty on its boutique-exclusive timepieces.
For the first time in watchmaking history, Panerai announced that it will be giving a 70-year (yes 70 years!) warranty for three of its Luminor Marina watch models, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Luminor collection. The Florentine luxury watchmaker held its first-ever ...
What kind of watch does Rambo wear?
What kind of watch does Rambo wear?If that’s something you’ve ever wondered then, amazingly, you are not alone. It's a question that comes up as one of those 'People Also Ask' boxes generated when you Google anything to do with Sylvester Stallone ...
Meet the Panerai that can battle space baddies and escape a dinosaur-infested observatory.
Big, bulky, save-the-day Panerai watches are proper action heroes. The brand was founded in Florence in 1860, and by the turn of the next century, had become an official supplier to the Marina Militare (the Italian version of the marines, shockingly). In ...
Did we mention that it glows in the dark?
Your phone needs to be able to take a hit—that’s why we have cases for them. So should your boots; thus we have weather-resistant leather. But it’s easy to forget that your watch should be able to take a few everyday blows ...
The metal of kings is in the spotlight.
Does strapping on a gold beater transmit an inelegant greasiness? Too brash? Too much? But what’s wrong with that? A shiny ticker hewn from the metal of kings can be an emblem of a hard-won triumph or memento from a sentimental father. ...
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