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Meet the Panerai that can battle space baddies and escape a dinosaur-infested observatory.
Big, bulky, save-the-day Panerai watches are proper action heroes. The brand was founded in Florence in 1860, and by the turn of the next century, had become an official supplier to the Marina Militare (the Italian version of the marines, shockingly). In ...
Did we mention that it glows in the dark?
Your phone needs to be able to take a hit—that’s why we have cases for them. So should your boots; thus we have weather-resistant leather. But it’s easy to forget that your watch should be able to take a few everyday blows ...
The metal of kings is in the spotlight.
Does strapping on a gold beater transmit an inelegant greasiness? Too brash? Too much? But what’s wrong with that? A shiny ticker hewn from the metal of kings can be an emblem of a hard-won triumph or memento from a sentimental father. ...
Panerai marries Italy’s legendary design with Switzerland’s watchmaking know-how.
When it comes to engineering and design, the Italians have been at the top of the heap since the Renaissance. In terms of watchmaking, though, it’s the Swiss who have, for about the last 400 years, occupied the highest rung. So what happens ...
A true watch fan will be able to tell the timepiece you’re wearing (and measure your net worth) with little more than a passing glance at your wrist. Here is a rundown of the telltale giveaways that distinguish an essential watch from the pack.
After a few drinks at a 50th Anniversary Homecoming Reunion (you know how we love those), a man who was easily 20 years younger suddenly trailed off midsentence as he fixed a stare at my left wrist. I thought he was just ...
The Panerai Luminor Due is Italian craftsmanship at its best.
There are many things that the Italians do well: food; soft-shouldered, unstructured tailoring; Baroque mid-century cinema. And of course, achingly beautiful, high-end mechanical design. Think luxury sports cars, motorcycles, and, if you’re into something a little smaller and bit more approachable, Panerai's ...
Officine Panerai presents two entry-level Radiomirs.
To understand Panerai, you need to go back to the beginning. Apart from making timepieces, the workshop founded by Giovanni Panerai in 1860 provided high precision instruments to the the Royal Italian Navy. One of its most notable creation was a patented ...
Panerai debuts a special edition watch to celebrate the Year of the Dog.
Honoring the tradition of the Chinese zodiac, Panerai, which has dedicated collections to the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, and more in the last nine years, crafts a special edition of the Luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Days Automatic Acciaio.It follows that the timepiece features ...
Green is a great alternative to neutrals.
When it comes to versatility, navy, black, gray, and brown are most probably your go-to colors—and for good reason. They’re neutral, they go with everything, and, when all else fails, these are the colors that will help you blend in. But here’s ...
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