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It was on the premises of a government office. 
A male Philippine pangolin (Manis culionensis) was found in late November 2021 in Quezon City. This is the second pangolin found in Metro Manila this year. The pangolin, which was named Vertis, was found by Joward Calle within the premises of the Department ...
Residents thought it was a strange lizard.
It was minutes before midnight on August 16 when Mansi Vijayadithan’s dogs started barking in the lawn. “Our three dogs sensed something was around. I checked the CCTVs but could not see any significant movement to go down and check,” Vijayadithan tells Esquire ...
The carmaker is doing its part to help save the pangolins.
Pangolins are as tough as they come in the wild. They’re the only mammals that have thick armored scales, which serves as their only means of protection aside from their wolverine-like claws against larger predatory mammals like cougars and lions. Unfortunately, they ...
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